The La'ie Hawai'i Temple

A Century of Aloha

By Eric-Jon K. Marlowe and Clinton D. Christensen

The temple in Laie became the Church’s fifth temple and the first functioning outside North America. It was one of the first to accommodate large numbers of patrons from different cultures speaking different languages. At the forefront of a Churchwide shift away from gathering to the Intermountain West, the temple was among the first brought to the people. It was an early physical symbol of the audacity of a relatively young and provincial church to take the fullness of the gospel, realized only in temples, to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. Over the years, in number of visitors, the temple and nearby institutions have drawn millions; likely second only to historic Temple Square in Salt Lake City. Commemorating the Laie Temple’s 100th anniversary, this volume shares the remarkable history and contributions of this beloved temple.

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