Crediting two authors on the cover of this book is somewhat misleading because from its beginning this book was a much broader collaborative effort. Thousands of documents, mainly in the Church History Library (Salt Lake City, Utah) and the Joseph F. Smith Library (Lāʻie, Hawaiʻi), were searched and their relevant information transcribed. More than two hundred oral histories were gathered (mainly in Hawaiʻi) and transcribed, and several previously uncatalogued documents were collected for this project. Moreover, a number of experts have lent their direction to the text. This book is the result of the contributions of many.

Missionaries Gary and Deborah Davis and Michael Morgan contributed both extensively and essentially to the research conducted in Utah and to the work of gathering oral histories in Hawaiʻi. Other Church History Library staff and missionaries also contributed. Joan Harding directed the transcription of oral histories with help from Deborah Davis, Susan Crawford, Shannon Hanks, Janet Olcott, and Branson Larson. Research and additional transcription of documents were provided by Gail Kaapuni, Sherry McMullin, Gretchen Becker, and Reighlyn Rogers.

Mahalo to missionaries Dale and Linda Robertson, who greatly added to the research done at the Joseph F. Smith Library and who helped assemble documents, and to BYU–Hawaii student intern Camron Stockford. Further, Joseph F. Smith Library archivist Brooks R. Haderlie and his staff were particularly helpful.

Historians Mark O. James, Riley M. Moffat, R. Lanier Britsch, and President T. David Hannemann all provided valuable insight and feedback. Keith Erekson, director of the Church History Library, and Trent Hadley of the Temple Department also provided helpful reviews.

Much appreciation goes to Brenda Johnson for repeatedly improving the clarity of the manuscript, Andrea W. Snarr with annotation, and Alohalani Housman for providing the Hawaiian diacritics.

Thanks as well to centennial book committee members Elder Aley K. Auna Jr. (Area Seventy, Hawaiian Islands), Marilynn Mills (Area Church history adviser, North America West Area), and Mark O. James (regional Church history adviser, Hawaiian Islands), who as a team provided valued guidance and consistent encouragement throughout this project.

Finally, we thank the Church History Library and Brigham Young University–Hawaii for their support of this project.

To all, mahalo nui loa.