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Temples in the Tops of the Mountains

This volume shares the story of Utah’s temples, now numbering twenty-eight. Organized chronologically, this gorgeously illustrated book begins with the iconic pioneer-era temples and elaborates on each era of Utah temple building since, including temple remodels and renovations, tabernacles renovated into temples, and new temple designs that maximize efficiency and accommodate patrons in less-populated areas. The stories of the miracles behind these temples show the hand of God in the lives of the Saints and the faith and efforts that have built so many temples in the tops of the mountains in Utah. 

Sacred Time

How does a person live the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy in a world that is vastly different from the commandment’s original context with Moses on Mount Sinai? Chapters in this volume explore the Sabbath throughout time, examining the Old Testament and the New Testament; the post–New Testament Christian Church during the second through the fourth centuries; the rabbinic teachings; and modern efforts to keep the Sabbath relevant, including the Restoration and other Christian and Jewish efforts.

Greater Love Hath No Man

Greater Love Hath No Man follows the same user-friendly format of the earlier God So Loved the World, organizing the chapters according to the traditional days of Holy Week with expanded discussion and additional materials. Foremost among these new materials will be a “reader’s edition” of the most important scriptural accounts for each day so that individuals and families can have them readily at hand for both individual study and group reading, perhaps in the context of daily family devotionals. After discussing the scriptural accounts for each day of Holy Week, the chapters then summarize how these scriptural events have been celebrated through the centuries in different Christian traditions before sharing suggestions on how Latter-day Saints can both study the texts and commemorate the events in their own families.

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