Come, Follow Me for 2021

ENRICH YOUR COME, FOLLOW ME STUDY with high-quality articles that are well researched, inspirational, and written by scholars, educators, Church leaders, historians, and popular authors. The RSC library is not found on or anywhere else online. The scripture readings and lessons are displayed first, followed by recommended readings.
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Parents with their young son studying the scriptures together
Several large trees in the sacred grove
Joseph seeing Moroni
Farmers shoveling hay
Joseph Smith recording revelation with a quill pen on paper
Original Book of Mormon manuscript lying open on a table
Wide open river with trees overhanging
Four men kneeling in prayer in a circle
Farmland with houses in the distance
A homestead with a small ravine of water on the side
Woman standing and reading from the scriptures
Statue of Joseph Smith with trees and floral background
Christ surrounded by sheep with sunset background
Close up of The Christus, focused on the nail print in Christ's hand
Two 1800s missionaries walking in the woods to spread the gospel
Early Saints prepare to travel to Kirtland and pack bags onto wagons
Closeup of Christ looking toward the distance endearingly
Three youth walk around the temple grounds, with the temple in the background
An outdoor church meeting by the lakeside
Beautiful sunset on the horizon of a lake
Two cattle driving a plow on farmland
Dirt road alongside two brick houses in Independence, Missouri
Nighttime view of the Missouri River with campfire in the background
Sunrise over the hilly Missouri countryside
Countryside view of hilly Daviess County, Missouri
Handwritten manuscript lying open on a display table
Christ holding a lamb, endearing looking upon his other sheep from the top of a hill
The galaxy spotted with stars and shades of blue
Christ with a lamb on his shoulders, looking back toward his other sheep who are following behind him
Christ looking at the Rich Young Ruler, pointing downward
Three angels place their hands upon Joseph Smith's head
A family walking up stairs toward the temple
Wooden chairs and benches facing one another in a small room with a fireplace
A couple washing fruit in their kitchen together
Painting of God and Christ descending from heaven surrounding by clouds
Painting of an open road between the Nauvoo temple and a house
Painting of Saints being driven from their log homes
Painting of Saints with covered wagons crossing a river and ascending a hill
Sun rays shining through dark clouds
Painting of the Kirtland Temple with green hills surrounding and the sunset in the background
Joseph Smith standing at the pulpit in the Kirtland Temple
Open farm land with a dirt trail headed into the orange horizon
Partially snowy hillside leading up to Liberty Jail
Water's edge view of Nauvoo with a beautiful sunset overshadowing the temple
Painting of a family surrounded by angels
Joseph Smith sitting in the middle of ten people and teaching the gospel
Artistic depiction of the 10 virgins awaiting approval to enter the Bridegroom's party
Snapshot of the brick Carthage Jail up close, surrounded by trees
Joseph Smith seeing a vision of heaven, being greeted by his mother, father, and brother
Quilted image of hands raised to the square, representing sustaining all worthy male members
Family sitting together enjoying one another's company
Painting of Mary holding baby Jesus