Come, Follow Me for 2023

ENRICH YOUR COME, FOLLOW ME STUDY with high-quality articles that are well researched, inspirational, and written by scholars, educators, Church leaders, historians, and popular authors. The RSC library is not found on or anywhere else online. The scripture readings and lessons are displayed first, followed by recommended readings.
Artwork of Jesus delivering the Sermon on the Mount
Family sitting on the couch together
Mother Mary resting her head on Martha
Three wise men riding on horseback to greet baby Jesus
Three women talking on a bench
Stained glass image of Jesus's baptism
Christ looking into the distance in the wilderness
Christ talking to a man
Christ teaching the Sermon on the Mount
Christ teaching at the Sea of Galilee
Christ healing a man
Christ ordains the twelve apostles
A painting of Christ with his arms outstretched
A wheat field
Jesus going to feed the 5,000 with loaves and fish
An empty tomb in the spring
Christ's transfiguration
Painting of the Good Samaritan
Woman kneeling at Jesus's feet
Painting of the prodigal son hugging his father
People out in fields
Zacchaeus looking at Jesus and the Twelve Apostles in the sycamore tree
Jesus descending with angels surrounding him and playing trumpets
Jesus and the Twelve Apostles sitting around a table for the Last Supper
Jesus and the Twelve Apostles sitting around a table for the Last Supper
A grove of trees with people gathered in the distance
Pilate displaying Jesus before a crowd
Jesus speaking to his apostles by the seashore
People in white gathered around a river to be baptized
Man laying on the floor
Jewish man speaking to a Roman man
Man standing in front of a crowd preaching
Man sitting in a jail cell
Man sitting at a table writing on parchment paper with a feather pen
A photograph of the Roman Forum in Rome, Italy
Painting of the Forum and Civic Center in Corinth, Southern Greece
Congregation of people singing hymns
Photo of a baptismal font used in the temple
Jesus smiling
Jesus smiling at a child
The resurrected Savior visiting the Apostle Paul in prison
Family playing with cards around a table
Two men sitting in a prison cell
Missionaries teaching a man on the street about baptism
Three women walking and talking together on temple grounds
Artwork of Christ hugging a girl
Artwork of Melchizedek giving Abram a blessing by laying on of hands
Youth painting a brick wall
Artwork of Christ preaching in the spirit world
Artwork of Christ sitting with children
Picture of a lamb sitting on grass
Artwork of Christ with arms outstretched in heaven
Artwork of the Christ child wrapped in swaddling clothes
Artwork of Christ ministering to people clothed in all white