Come, Follow Me for 2019

ENRICH YOUR COME, FOLLOW ME STUDY with high-quality articles that are well researched, inspirational, and written by scholars, educators, Church leaders, historians, and popular authors. The RSC library is not found on or anywhere else online. The scripture readings and lessons are displayed first, followed by recommended readings.
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A family reading from a book together
Elizabeth comforting Mary, who is resting her head on Elizabeth's lap
The wise men or shepherds traveling on camel back to see the baby Jesus
Four women sitting on a bench having a discussion with one another
Stain-glass image of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ clothed in white with arms outstretched
Jesus talking to Nicodemus by a city wall at night
Painting of Jesus preaching the sermon on the mount
Jesus teaching the people by the seashore
A man kneeling at the feet of Jesus, who is surrounded by people
Jesus ordaining his twelve apostles
wheat blowing in a windy field
artistic depiction of Jesus feeding the 5,000
Peter, James, and John trying to look up at the Transfiguration
The empty garden tomb with flowers blooming
The Good Samaritan healing the wounds of the fallen traveler on the side of the trail
Christ drawing in the sand next to the woman taken into adultery
The prodigal son and his father embracing in the desert
The twelve disciples picking grapes in the orchard
Zacchaeus in the sycamore tree looking down upon the people
The Savior in white descending from heaven with angels surrounding him
Jesus sitting at the table, surrounded by His apostles
Jesus Christ breaking bread for His apostles for the Last Supper
Pilate presenting Jesus before the Jews
Jesus speaking to his apostles by the seashore
Hundreds of people in white lined up by the riverside ready to be baptized
Saul who is blinded by the bright light, with a donkey in the background
Peter speaking to Cornelius inside the house
An Apostle preaching to a group sitting on the floor by a rock
An Apostle sitting behind bars in a jail cell
An Apostle sitting at a table writing on manuscript pages
Ancient building structure
Corinth, Southern Greece, the Forum and Civic Center, painting by Balage Balogh /
Congregation singing in church
Image of a temple baptismal font
Picture of Jesus Christ from the Bible Videos
Jesus Christ conversing with little children and their families
Jesus Christ healing someone behind bars
A father and his children playing with cards at a table
Two men sitting in a jail cell looking at each other
Two sister missionaries sharing a passalong card with a man on the street
Three women walking around temple grounds with a chapel in the background
Painting of Jesus Christ hugging a child
Painting of Melchizedek blessing Abram by Walter Rane
Painting of Abraham praying heavenward with his wife in a tent to the right
Painting of Christ preaching to the spirits in the Spirit World
Painting of Jesus sitting with little children and talking with them, smiling
Painting of Christ as a shepherd with a lamb on his back
Painting of the baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes next to farm animals in a stable
Painting of Christ walking amongst people dressed in white