Come, Follow Me for 2024

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Moroni writing on the gold plates
Lehi's family traveling in the desert
Lehi's vision of the tree of life
people eating the fruit of the tree of life
people examining the Liahona
Adam and Eve leaving the Garden of Eden
Nephi and his wife
Jesus praying in Gethsemane
Isaiah writing on scrolls
family studying
Jesus reaching out to a woman
Jesus teaching His disciples
resurrected Christ with His Apostles
woman kneeling at Jesus's feet
men working in a grove of olive trees
Enos as a young boy with his father, Jacob, and mother
King Benjamin teaching his people
King Benjamin teaching his people
Ammon teaching King Limhi
Abinadi testifying to King Noah
Limhi's people escaping
angel appearing to Alma and the sons of Mosiah
Alma the Younger preaching
Alma the Younger teaching the Zoramites
Alma preaching
Alma and Amulek walking out of prison
Ammon talking to King Lamoni
Anti-Nephi-Lehies burying their weapons
Alma teaching Korihor
seed in child’s hand
woman praying
Jesus leaving the tomb
Moroni and the title of liberty
two thousand young warriors
crashing waves on rocks
Nephi praying in a garden tower
Samuel the Lamanite teaching on the wall
Nephites witness the day with no night
Jesus appearing to the Nephites
Jesus indicating the Twelve Apostles
Jesus appearing to the Nephites
Christ appearing to the Nephites
Resurrected Jesus teaching people
Mormon writing on gold plates
Moroni writing on gold plates
Jaredites traveling through the wilderness
Jaredite barges on the sea
Ether entering a cave
Alma baptizing people at the Waters of Mormon
Moroni writing on gold plates
Jesus appearing to the Nephites
Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus in a stable