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"In proportion to the exercise of our faith do we receive information"

—Lorenzo Snow

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    Knocking at the Door

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    Sachs, & Co., where he worked at assignments in New York and London before he transferred to Zurich. ... philosophy. It was against this background that several missionary couples taught me. It was very interesting ... with the missionaries and members of the Church. I gained a favorable impression of the Church and had a very positive ...

    Acceptance of the Lord

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    for effective missionary work. He has the means by which he can evaluate his service in the ministry and know when the Lord is pleased. He is not to be compared with other missionaries, nor is his work ... and propose a few questions for our consideration. Did these missionaries not work diligently? Were ...

    Regional Studies in Latter-day Saint Church History: The British Isles


    of the first Latter-day Saint missionaries to England. Prophesying of the importance of the missionaries’ success, Joseph Smith said that their work would be the means of bringing salvation to the Lord’s latter-day Church. In 1837, Latter-day Saint missionaries from America set foot in Great Britain seeking ...

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    Stake President, Stake Presidency


    by vote of the stake. Both stake and full-time missionaries are set apart and later released by stake ... Richards, LeGrand. A Marvelous Work and a Wonder, chap. 12. Salt Lake City, 1968. KIM S. CAMERON ...

    From A Latter-day Saint Compass

    Book of Mormon: Overview


    of God’s great love and hope for all his children.             The book is central to missionary work ... sixty working days. Latter-day Saints bear testimony that he did this “through the mercy of God, ... believer in Christ in King Lamoni’s court until the missionary Ammon taught the gospel to the king ...

    From A Latter-day Saint Compass

    Taking the Great Commission Seriously


    the term missionary work to describe their response to the Great Commission. To describe our invitation ... is foundational for understanding the Church’s enthusiasm for missionary work. Abrahamic covenant. God promised ... offers something more: “The purpose of witnessing and missionary work by representatives of The Church ...

    From No Weapon Shall Prosper

    Ottoman Palestine and Orson Hyde


    the land for the return of the Jews. These missionaries had been working to convert the Jewish people ... do a great work, which shall prepare the way and greatly facilitate the gathering of that people.” ... and Gentile... and go from land to land and from sea to sea.” [6] The work of gathering Israel began with visions ...

    From Selections from the 2003 Religious Education Student Symposium

    Chapter 1: Seek Learning by Faith


    with which we are all familiar: “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead ... the evidence of things not seen from the only true teacher, the Spirit of the Lord. Consider how missionaries ... an investigator to exercise faith and to act. One of the fundamental roles of a missionary is to help ...

    From By Study and by Faith

    Seek Learning by Faith


    the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also” (James 2:26; emphasis added). “But be ye doers ... of the Lord. Consider how missionaries help investigators to learn by faith. Making and keeping spiritual ... the commandments, require an investigator to exercise faith and to act. One of the fundamental roles of a missionary ...

    From RE 7, no. 3 (2006) of The Religious Educator


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    in geography and began work at the Harold B. Lee Library on the BYU campus as he studied library science. He ... such as coffee or tea. Another brother, Michel, came to BYU in 1979. Michel had been working two jobs ... in 1981. It was my first trip to Provo. At the time I was working for the Anglican Church in Jerusalem. ...