The Saints Abroad

Missionaries Who Answered Brigham Young’s 1852 Call to the Nations of the World

Edited by Reid L. Neilson and R. Mark Melville

By 1852, just five years after Brigham Young and his fellow Latter-day Saints began settling the valleys of the Intermountain West, the global distribution of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was much more European than American. Young and his counselors in the First Presidency planned a special missionary conference in the newly constructed adobe Salt Lake Tabernacle on the temple block. Over the weekend of August 28–29, Church leaders announced a flurry of global mission assignments. During the Saturday afternoon session, the First Presidency assigned one hundred Latter-day Saint men to proselytize in distant lands, the largest cohort of full-time elders in the Church’s three-decade history. This book tells the stories and adventures of eight men called to Wales, Prussia, Gibraltar, the Cape of Good Hope, the Sandwich Islands, China, Siam, and Australia.

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  • ISBN: 978-1-9443-9472-1