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—Lorenzo Snow

Topic: Disabilities

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    22. How to Make (and Unmake) a Mormon Hymnbook


    said, had “only one disability: they knew too much about music.” However, he noted, “the committee has ...

    From A Firm Foundation

    Chapter 16: The Depression Years: 1929-39


    that members wished to donate. Unemployed or disabled individuals then earned income by sorting, cleaning, ...

    From California Saints: A 150-Year Legacy in the Golden State

    12. Emmeline B. Wells: Romantic Rebel


    a widow fully realized the disabilities of a woman’s rearing a family alone. Her literary precocity ... women by eastern papers, along with her sensitivity to the social and legal disabilities of all women ... enumerating woman’s disabilities in society and proposing appropriate redress, [36] was construed by many ...

    From Supporting Saints: Life Stories of Nineteenth-Century Mormons

    24. Global Lessons from a Local Stake


    mentally or emotionally handicapped” members in his ward. Disabilities included schizophrenia, bipolar ...

    From A Firm Foundation

    12. Religion and Adolescent Social Competence


    teenage pregnancy, learning disabilities, or other attitudinal and/or behavioral problems (see Barber ...

    From Latter-day Saint Social Life: Social Research on the LDS Church and its Members

    8. The Process of Salvation


    manage to phone for a tow truck, but before it arrives, five young street toughs surround his disabled ... driver—an earnest, genial man—begins to hook up the disabled car. The toughs protest: the truck driver ...

    From Salvation in Christ: Comparative Christian Views

    To Proclaim Liberty to the Captives


    Afflictions Another form of imprisonment common to our sojourn in mortality is disease or disability ...

    From My Redeemer Lives!

    Doctrine and Covenants 129:8 and the Reality of Satan’s Physicality


    distorted and disabled by the experience but also he notes that Satan physically lifted him off the floor ...

    From Volume 8 Number 1, 2007 of The Religious Educator

    The Laws of the Church of Christ: A Textual and Historical Analysis

    Selected Article

    to be healed from major ailments such as blindness, deafness, or physical disability, “in asmuch as they break ...

    St. Georg Branch


    president was blind. We could count the healthy people on one hand. Every other person had some disability ...

    From Under the Gun