Mormon Thoroughfare

A History of the Church in Illinois, 1830–1839

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Latter-day Saints may think Church history in Illinois began in 1839 with establishment of the city of Nauvoo. However, important events took place much earlier in the decade. For example, the missionaries to the Lamanites unexpectedly had to cross the state on their trip from Ohio to Missouri. This happened in 1830, ten years before more prominent events took place in the history of the Church in Illinois. This occurrence made Illinois one of only four states to receive missionaries in the year 1830.

The Church grew rapidly there, and by 1835 it was likely the fourth largest religious body in the state. This account fills in the ten-year gap of Church history in Illinois using both LDS and non-LDS sources. The book tells the story of the conversion of future Apostle Charles C. Rich. It also talks about the Saints' involvement in the so-called Mormon War. Other chapters discuss the events of Zion's Camp, Kirtland Camp, and the Saints' exodus from Missouri to Quincy, Illinois.

ISBN 978-0-8425-2652-4

Published in 2006