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    3. From Cultic Piety to Torah Piety after 70


    of ritual purity; second, careful tithing and giving of agricultural offerings to the priest and obedience ... and careful tithing were dietary laws, governing what and how a person should eat. If a person kept those ... law on ritual uncleanness and tithing. Since the materials now found in the synoptics were available ...

    From The Glory of God Is Intelligence: Four Lectures on the Role of Intellect in Judaism

    West German Mission


    personal and family prayers. Live a pure virtuous life, keep the Word of Wisdom, pay your tithing, fast ... and then was asked to come back the next morning with a report of all the tithing money that had been collected since ... have the law of tithing in our church. Before the war we had to spend money for missionary expenses, ...

    From Under the Gun

    2. Salt Lake City: Founded upon the Doctrine and Covenants


    In the revelations of the Doctrine and Covenants, a tithing and contributions office was added to the bishop’s ... in the annex between President Brigham Young’s residences included an early tithing office. In addition, ... the Council for the Disposition of the Tithes (see D&C 120), which oversees the use of sacred funds used ...

    From Salt Lake City

    Joseph Smith in Northern Missouri, 1838


    on tithing, which presently constitutes section 119. In 1837, Church leaders in both Kirtland and Missouri had discussed the idea of implementing some sort of tithing system in the Church, but no action had been taken. ... thou requirest of the properties of thy people for a Tithing?” The answer received was essentially ...

    From Joseph Smith, the Prophet and Seer

    9. Missionary Service


    possess a current temple recommend, serve in Church callings, pay tithing, and observe the Word of Wisdom” ... are full-tithe payers, and 97% keep the Word of Wisdom. A comparison between men and women reveals women ... temple recommend, and paying tithing. Areas of public religious behavior include attendance at sacrament ...

    From Shield of Faith: The Power of Religion in the Lives of LDS Youth and Young Adults

    Comments on Common Ground

    Selected Article

    a commitment to fasting and prayer, modesty in dress, the payment of alms and tithing, emphasis on the family, ...

    Bremen District


    to for help except the Lord. I have given instructions to the branches that all the tithing money should ...

    From Under the Gun

    Bad Homburg Branch


    28, 1944: Monthly report for February 1944; tithing funds totaling 30 RM were collected, 25 RM ...

    From Under the Gun

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    From A Descriptive Bibliography of the Mormon Church, Volume 2

    A Contextual Analysis of the 1965 and 2001 Editions of the For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet


    • Honesty • Sabbath Day Observance • Tithes and Offerings • Physical Health • Service to Others • Go ... to others X X Agency and accountability X Gratitude X Education X Family X Tithes and offerings X Go forward ...

    From Selections from the 2004 Religious Education Student Symposium