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    Welsh Mormon Writings from 1844-1862: A Historical Bibliography


    Edited by Ronald D. Dennis Volume 4 in the Specialized Monograph Series Mormon missionaries began proselyting in Wales in 1840. From their pulpits Welsh religious leaders warned members of their congregations to be wary of this new faith. Their concern was reflected not only in sermons and conversations but also ...

    ISBN: 0-8849-4656-8

    Latter-day Saint Social Life: Social Research on the LDS Church and its Members


    delinquency, and the conversion process. This book collects in one volume the best scholarship describing ...

    ISBN: 1-5700-8396-7

    Mormon-Evangelical Dialogue


    to our exchanging letters and phone conversations and finally meeting at the 2002 American Academy ... the Divide? A Mormon and an Evangelical in Conversation . In this book, Robinson and I chose four doctrinal ... in Mormonism and of Fuller’s track record of interfaith dialogue, I suggested to him that conversations like ...

    From Volume 13 Number 1, 2012 of The Religious Educator

    Regional Studies in Latter-day Saint Church History: Europe


    of conversion and emigration began to ebb, and the needs of members worldwide gave birth to a new ...

    ISBN: 0-8425-2540-8

    The Book of Mormon: Mosiah, Salvation Only Through Christ


    Edited by Monte S. Nyman Volume 5 in the Book of Mormon Symposium Series King Benjamin’s monumental address on service and the Savior; the powerful testimony and the martyrdom of the prophet Abinadi; the moving conversion stories of both Alma the Elder and Alma the Younger; the deliverance ...

    ISBN: 0-8849-4816-1

    Joining the Church


    motivations for their initial interest in the Church, and many factors influence them in the conversion ... and attitudes. Thus, the common essential in most conversions to the Church is obtaining a personal conviction ... topics, missionaries are encouraged to present them in an informal, conversational manner. For example, ...

    From A Latter-day Saint Compass



    a cause-and-effect relationship; however, many Welsh people who became Mormons gave credit for their conversion ...

    From Welsh Mormon Writings from 1844-1862: A Historical Bibliography

    Priesthood / Relief Society

    Lifelong Conversion: Continuing to Advance in the Principles of Truth Chapter 4 Strengthened by the Power ...

    “Unto the Convincing of Men”: Teaching with Power in Missionary Work


    of gospel truth is not the same as being converted to it. Latter-day Saints rightfully see conversion ... When one turns away from this most powerful influence of the Spirit, his or her conversion ... to bring about conversion would only be overbearing and lacking. Aware of his own role as a gospel teacher, ...

    From Selections from the 2006 Religious Education Student Symposium

    16. The Book of Alma as a Prototype for Teaching the Word of God


    poor the process of conversion through planting the word of God in their hearts. 36–42: Alma ... in righteousness, cannot guarantee conversions or control the results of teaching the gospel, he must have paid ... the conversion process, teachers can only prepare themselves to deliver the message God wants them to give ...

    From The Book of Mormon: Alma, the Testimony of the Word