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    Educating for Eternity: Key Principles Governing True Teaching


    environment such as that at BYU. 2. Conversion is the ultimate purpose of a religious educator’s career. I ... concern with learning, Brigham Young University is also concerned with becoming, with the conversion ... intelligent than the rest of us. Teaching based on eternal principles facilities this conversion process. ...

    From RE 3, no. 3 (2002) of The Religious Educator

    Chapter 2: The Certain Restoration of Judah and Isreal


    prophecies which predict their restoration to the land of their fathers, as well as their conversion ... of Ezekiel, the restoration of the Jews and of Israel to their own land, as well as their conversion ... are recovered, as will be seen. Those predictions cannot be fulfilled merely by the conversion of that people. ...

    From View of the Hebrews: 1825 2nd Edition

    Joseph Smith, Emanuel Swedenborg, and Section 76

    Selected Article

    thinker read and wrote, contemporary context and conversation are elusive variables complicating every ... by name during an 1839 conversation with Edward Hunter, a student of Swedenborg-ianism who later became ... of Joseph Smith’s conversation with Edward Hunter would be resolved. Yet this question remains: had Joseph ...

    Living Scriptures from a Living God through Living Prophets and for a Living Church

    Selected Article

    Wolfgang von Goethe, “Philosophy of Art,” in Conversations with Eckermann, trans. Schelling (New York: ...

    Charting the Course: President Clark’s Charge to Religious Educators


    is force or coercion so harmful as in the realm of religion.” [30] Another teacher reported a conversation ... the conversation. At a later point in the conversation Brother West said that the Brigham Young University people ... and L. Jackson Newell, Matters of Conscience: Conversations with Sterling M. McMurrin on Philosophy, ...

    From RE 7, no. 1 (2006) of The Religious Educator

    Understanding Islam as a Religion of Peace


    in Islamic Conversion: Jihad, Dhimma and Ridda,” Buffalo Human Rights Law Review 8 (2002): 15. [17] “There ... Esposito, Islam, 34. [42] Esposito, Islam, 35. [43] Quoted in Arzt, “Compulsion in Islamic Conversion ...

    From Selections from the 2004 Religious Education Student Symposium

    5. Toward a Social Science of Contemporary Mormondom


    deviance, divorce, conversion, and defection (Mauss 1984; Mauss and Franks 1984). A third means of assessing ... conversely, the influence of the non-Mormons on Mormons) varies with the proportionate size of the Mormon ...

    From Latter-day Saint Social Life: Social Research on the LDS Church and its Members

    Grace and Works in Martin Luther and Joseph Smith

    Selected Article

    law both during and after conversion, it is sometimes called Judaic and even Mosaic in its legalism. ...

    Joseph Smith and “The Only True and Living Church”

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    ministers for a few hours in what proved to be a delightful and extremely enlightening conversation. Absent ...

    Appendix B: A Voice of Warning and Truth


    with it for many times its price.” [4] It has probably resulted in the conversion of more Icelanders than any other ... not (James 1:5). FIRST CHAPTER About faith and conversion Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his ...

    From Fire on Ice: The Story of Icelandic Latter-day Saints at Home and Abroad