Mormon's Record

The Historical Message of the Book of Mormon

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  • Part I: The Ancient Sacral Worldview
  • Part II: Sacral Historiography in the Ancient Near East
  • Part III: Mormon's Record as Sacral History

About the Book

Although the ancient scriptural record known as the Book of Mormon contains profound doctrinal and theological content, it is foremost a history. Thus, it is not surprising that it has the earmarks of ancient rather than modern works of history. Yet few studies analyze the Book of Mormon as a legitimate work of ancient history. The author describes the sacral worldview that informed much of ancient writing, surveys four millennia of historical writings to show how the sacral worldview differs from modern historiography, and discusses many underlying historical themes found in the writings of Israelite and Greco-Roman historians that also figure in the composition of the Book of Mormon. That scripture’s sobering theological message is shown to emerge from the historical accounts that inform it.

ISBN 978-1-9503-0453-0

Published in 2024