Appendix 6: Seminaries And Institutes In Taiwan


Key Church Educational System Events in Taiwan

1968First seminary classes begin in Taiwan.
1973Church Educational System (CES) officially established in Taiwan, office in Taipei established, and first institute classes begin.
1974CES Kaohsiung office established.
1979CES Kaohsiung office closes.
1985CES Kaohsiung office reopens.
1994CES Kaohsiung office closes a second time.
2000January. CES Kaohsiung office reopens.
 29 February. Inauguration of early-morning seminary in Taiwan, first class in Kaohsiung.
 23 June. First early-morning seminary graduates at Kaohsiung/Pingtung combined graduation with members of the Area Presidency presiding.
 First summer institute classes organized.
2001First institute council for Taiwan organized in Kaohsiung.
 First CES missionary couple serve in Taiwan to coordinate programs in Taichung.
2002CES Taichung office established.
 First institute council organized in Taichung.
2004First institute council organized in Taipei.
 First institute centers completed and dedicated in Kaohsiung and Taichung.
2005Institute center completed within a multistory Church administration building dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley in Taipei.

Coordinators of Seminary and Institute Programs in Taiwan

 Taipei (north)Taichung (central)Kaohsiung (south)

Alan Hassell (Taipei office)

1974–79Wan Kon-Leung (Joseph ) (Taipei office)Lee Ding Kuen (Kaohsiung office)
1978–85Wang Lu Pao (Taipei office) (Kaohsiung office closed)
1985–94Wang Lu Pao (Taipei office)Kuo Hung Chou (Kaohsiung office reopened)
1994–99Wang Lu Pao (Taipei office) (Kaohsiung office closed)
2000–01Wang Lu Pao (Taipei office)Chou Po Nien (Felipe) (Kaohsiung office reopened)
2001–02Wang Lu Pao (Taipei office)Elder & Sister Sipherd (Taichung office)Chou Po Nien (Felipe) (Kaohsiung office)
2002–04Wang Lu Pao (Taipei office)Chou Po Nien (Felipe) (Taichung office)Lee Shih-Jung (Robert) (Kaohsiung office)

Chou Po Nien Felipe (Taipei office)

Wang Jung Ling (Riley) (Taipei office)Wu Chung Kai (Ken) (Taichung office)Lee Shih-Jung (Robert) (Kaohsiung office)
2005–09Wang Jung Ling (Riley) (Taipei office)Wu Chung Kai (Ken) (Taichung office)Lee Shih-Jung (Robert) (Kaohsiung office)
2009–11Wang Jung Ling (Riley) (Taipei office)Lee Shih-Jung (Robert) (Kaohsiung office)
2011–presentWang Jung Ling (Riley) (Taipei office)Weng Wen Shuai (Eric) (Taichung office)Lee Shih-Jung (Robert) (Kaohsiung office)

Seminary Enrollment in Taiwan, 1983–2016


Institute Enrollment in Taiwan, 1983–2016


Note: Official records for seminary and institute enrollments are not available prior to 1983.