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    1. The Challenge of the Book of Mormon


    . [for] the convincing of the Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ, the Eternal God, manifesting ...   1. To be a witness for the divinity of Jesus Christ and to bring to the Jews and Gentiles ... them the knowledge of a Savior through the testimony of the Nephites as well as that of the Jews ...

    From The Book of Mormon: The Keystone Scripture

    Nicodemus: Coward or Convert?


    and 3,000,000. . . . At Passover time great numbers of Jews camped outside the city proper, but within the limits ...             A Pharisee and ruler of the Jews. Nicodemus, as a Pharisee, would have been among those who ... death (see Matthew 26:63–68; Mark 14:61–65; Luke 22:66–71; John 19:7).             The Jews sought ...

    From Volume 9 Number 3, 2008 of The Religious Educator



    Gifts—Restoration of the Jews to Palestine—The first Resurrection—Christ’s personal reign on the Earth ... to receive the Holy Ghost—Restoration of the Spiritual Gifts—Restoration of the Jews to Palestine—The first ... of sins—Laying on of hands to receive the Holy Ghost—Restoration of the Spiritual Gifts—Restoration of the Jews ...

    From Wrappers

    The Role of Gnosticism in Postapostolic Christianity


    Jews “who couldn’t bring themselves to follow Christianity” identify with the doctrines. [10] ... the missionary work was pandering to a lower set of people. This elitist viewpoint need not be exclusive to Jews; it is just as possible for one Gentile to believe he or she is far above another Gentile as it is for a Jew ...

    From The BYU Religious Education Student Symposium 2008

    The Message of Nicodemus


    to the respective scriptural passages. Nicodemus was a ruler of Jews, which suggests he belonged to the Jewish ... Pilate, was expelled from his position by the ruling Jews, and was eventually baptized by Peter and John. ... attitude of a haughty Jew. Those who favor a hesitant Nicodemus note that John’s record in chapter 3 does ...

    From RE 1 (2000) of The Religious Educator

    Schönlanke Branch, Schneidemühl District


    to be done about the persecution of the Jews, and Waltraud learned that people simply preferred ... and music was a part of each get-together. He also remembered that a sign was displayed forbidding Jews ... Waltraud later noticed that Jews were allowed to attend meetings in the Schönlanke Branch (despite ...

    From In Harm’s Way: East German Latter-day Saints in World War II

    2. What the Book of Mormon Tells Us about Jesus Christ


    declares that the book was written for “the convincing of the Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ , ... of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem and his mortal ministry among the Jews in the Holy Land of the Middle East. ... the Jews. It also reveals that Jesus said he was personally going to visit the ten lost tribes of Israel ...

    From The Book of Mormon: The Keystone Scripture

    Understanding Islam

    Selected Article

    outnumber Jews in the United States of America. However, for Latter-day Saints there is an even more ... them. Little was available. There were Jews in pre-Islamic Arabia, but they weren’t interested ... freedom of worship to Jews and Christians, merely taxing them at a somewhat higher rate—among other ...

    12. Early Christianity and 1 Nephi 13–14


    to the Gentiles by the Jews (verse 26), and it is the specific historical agent responsible for excising plain ... to us when he says: “Wherefore, he that fighteth against Zion, both Jew and Gentile, both bond and free, ... It was precisely this kind of religious argument-that the Jews were the infidels, the beast, the anti-Christ—that ...

    From The Book of Mormon: First Nephi, the Doctrinal Foundation

    What Every Latter-day Saint Should Know about Islam


    Allah ) that Christians and Jews worship, “the God of Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob” (Mosiah 7:19), ... in the United States as Jews or Latter-day Saints.   History Muslims view the life ... oppression of Jews, culminating in pogroms, deportations, concentration camps, and the gas chambers of Nazi ...

    From Volume 4 Number 2, 2003 of The Religious Educator