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    The Abrahamic Test


    Ginzberg, The Legends of the Jews [Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1968], 271–83; ...

    From Sperry Symposium Classics: The Old Testament

    17. Religiosity, Mental Health, and Latter-day Saints: A Preliminary Review of Literature (1923–95)


    that “for all religions except Jews, a lower percentage of Utahns [Utah Latter-day Saints] used alcohol than ...

    From Latter-day Saint Social Life: Social Research on the LDS Church and its Members

    Eric D. Huntsman

    Testament, 137–38. Josephus,  Wars of the Jews  6.9.3, §422–27. See Seely, “The Last Supper,” 67–74. See ...

    Chapter 1: The Destruction of Jerusalem


    and their God; and were hence banished to some unknown region of the world, to the present day; while the Jews ... But alas, we find recorded of this city, temple, and nation of the Jews, a fatal reverse. They found ... him, he will cast you off” [2 Chron 15:2]. The Jews became carnal; crucified the Lord of glory; ...

    From View of the Hebrews: 1825 2nd Edition

    Chapter 4: The Contemporary American Jewish Family


    1960s, shifting the focus of concern from integration—how American Jews can best contribute ... on the family as the dependent variable, the major focus of those concerned with the issue for Jews has been ... on group survival. Second, it is important to note that Jews constitute an ethnic or cultural ...

    From The Religion and Family Connection: Social Science Perspectives

    The Glory of God Is Intelligence: Four Lectures on the Role of Intellect in Judaism


    of the Temple, after AD 70 observant Jews sought to extend the temple purification process to their own homes ...

    ISBN: 0-8849-4350-X



    be practically applied in the everyday living of Jews. Pivotal in the development of this ideal are the events ... of the Romans and their general, Titus. More than anything else, these catastrophic events laid on Jews the onus ... of the Pharisees, then, were inspired by the centrality of temple worship, as were most Jews, except with more ...

    From The Glory of God Is Intelligence: Four Lectures on the Role of Intellect in Judaism

    Chapter 4: An Address of the Prophet Isaiah, Relative


    with the events of that great battle, and the restoration of the Jews. The call then must be to a people ... nations were not joined to the Jews upon their return from Babylon. Nothing of this prediction then took ... of the great day, nearly associated with the final restoration of the Jews. But it received not its fulfilment ...

    From View of the Hebrews: 1825 2nd Edition

    Chapter 2: The Certain Restoration of Judah and Isreal


    by the name of Jews. The revolting ten tribes submitted to another king, Jeroboam, And this breach was never after healed. Jeroboam, to perpetuate and widen this breach, and apprehending that if the Jews and ten ... (134 years before the Babylonish captivity of the Jews, and 725 years before Christ.) the rest ...

    From View of the Hebrews: 1825 2nd Edition

    Never Settle for Sin


    the Jews of Denmark. However, the experience of the Jews in Denmark during World War II is far different ... with the oppression of their fellow countrymen. Denmark was one of the few countries in which Jews were not required ... as inferior, so they did not. Later, when the Nazis planned on rounding up the Jews, the plan was leaked ...

    From The BYU Religious Education Student Symposium 2008