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Topic: Sermon on the Mount

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    First-Century Sources on the Life of Jesus

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    Christ: From Bethlehem through the Sermon on the Mount, ed. Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and Thomas A. ... is that Jude presents the material in a single sustained sermon whereas 2 Peter breaks up the material ...

    Asking Restoration Questions in New Testament Scholarship

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    and Teachings of Jesus Christ, Vol. One: From Bethlehem through the Sermon on the Mount, ed. Richard Neitzel ... members added letters, transcriptions of sermons, and other documents in their proper sequence to make ... Smith, a collection of the Prophet’s writings and sermons, mostly extracted from the History ...

    The Earliest “New Testament”

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    in The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ: From Bethlehem to the Sermon on the Mount, ed. Richard Neitzel ... on through word of mouth. After giving His major sermon, He admonished His hearers that “whoso remembereth ...

    "I Will Send You Elijah the Prophet"


    in Jerusalem actually has a chair mounted near the ceiling in one of its worship rooms for Elijah to use when ... on Mount Zion.” [52] It is the sealing power that enables us not only to seek but to provide saving ... and published sermons, innumerable letters, and by means of weekly gatherings in his rooms... he moulded [sic] ...

    Del libro You Shall Have My Word

    New Testament Manuscripts, Textual Families, and Variants

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    of St. Catherine at Mount Sinai by Constantin von Tischendorf in 1844 and published in 1862. Tischendorf ... Testament from the fifth century, it was erased in the twelfth century and used to copy the sermons ... to light (see James Bentley, Secrets of Mount Sinai: The Story of the World’s Oldest Bible [New York: ...

    He Could Not Merit Anything of Himself: A Brief Comparison of the Teachings of John Calvin, John Wesley, and Joseph Smith on the Fall of Man


    in the doctrine of original sin. He did not, however, teach predestination and unconditional election. In a sermon ... was fallen, he also taught that the Fall could be considered a blessing. In a sermon delivered in 1782 titled ... arguing for almost two millennia. [19] Although there are no recorded sermons by Joseph Smith dealing ...

    Del libro Selections from the 2005 Religious Education Student Symposium

    The Prophetic Laments of Samuel the Lamanite


    University, 1998), 128–145. The Prophetic Laments of Samuel the Lamanite The wide-ranging sermon of Samuel ... at home in worship settings. But unlike biblical laments, the two poetic pieces in Samuel’s sermon ... a unique set of ideas which appear in only two passages—Samuel’s sermon and the lamentations of Mormon’s ...

    Del libro From Jerusalem to Zarahemla: Literary and Historical Studies of the Book of Mormon

    5. Salt and Light: Being in the World but Not of the World


    in Galilee during his early mortal ministry. This sermon, known as the Sermon on the Mount, is thought ... Thus the Sermon on the Mount seems to be a disciple’s manual to be in the world and yet not worldly. ... the prevailing views of the time. This chapter considers how the Sermon on the Mount inspires and directs ...

    Del libro The Sermon on the Mount in Latter-day Scripture: The 39th Annual BYU Sidney B. Sperry Symposium

    Muslim Women and Shrines in Shiraz

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    taught anthropology at Pahlavi University in Shiraz, Iran. She graduated magna cum laude from Mount ... affect the seriousness of women’s attendance. Interested in hearing a sermon, I went to the mosque one ... to the sermon in detail. This is not to suggest that I agree with the view men sometimes state that women ...

    4. Israel's Ancient Psalms: Cornerstone of the Beatitudes


    One of the most significant influences on the Beatitudes found in the Sermon on the Mount, both ... to be have been a major purpose of the Sermon on the Mount—to teach the disciples the characteristics ... for truly understanding the Sermon on the Mount in general, and the Beatitudes in particular. Because ...

    Del libro The Sermon on the Mount in Latter-day Scripture: The 39th Annual BYU Sidney B. Sperry Symposium