A Missionary’s Story

The Letters and Journals of Adolf Haag, Mormon Missionary to Switzerland and Palestine

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  • I. Adolf Haag
  • II. Mission Journals
  • III. Mission Letters
  • IV. Announcements, Obituaries, and Funerals
  • V. Appendixes
  • VI. Additional Content (online-only)

About the Book

This personal narrative of missionary Adolf Haag is a compelling story of one missionary who sacrificed everything to travel to a foreign land and faithfully share his beliefs with others.

In January 1890, Haag, a German immigrant living in the small community of Payson, Utah, was called to be a missionary in Switzerland and Germany. This book contains the journals Haag kept during his mission, letters he sent in preparation for it, and all the known letters he sent home while he was serving. These documents chronicle the willingness of a young man to accept a call to serve the cause of a religion he fervently believed in. They record the challenges he faced leaving behind his home, his business, and his wife and two young children. His letters in response to problems at home may show him at his missionary best. They read, in large part, like sermons, extolling the virtues of trusting in God, exercising patience and forbearance, and staying true to the faith.

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ISBN 978-0-8425-2959-4

Published in 2015