Commitment to the Covenant

Strengthening the Me, We, and Thee of Marriage

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In recent decades, prophets have repeatedly emphasized how a strong marriage and family are the basis of a robust society; they have counseled and warned of the many modern obstacles that can erode a healthy family life. This book draws on inspiring personal stories, research from sociology and psychology, and doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ to present key principles that, when applied, will help a marriage thrive. The authors use three broad content areas—the things we each need to do personally to improve our marriage (Me), the things we need to do together as a couple to strengthen our marital relationship (We), and ways we can more fully involve God in our marriage relationship (Thee). This three-part approach is theoretical and practical and will help guide you to a successful and happy marriage.

ISBN 978-1-9443-9431-8

Published in 2018