• Mormons in the Piazza

    This book is a comprehensive account and thorough analysis of the people, events, and issues related to the important  historical information concerning the growth of Mormonism in Italy.

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  • Kalaupapa

    In the 19th century, leprosy (Hansen’s disease today) spread throughout Hawaii, causing the king of Hawai‘i to exile all people afflicted with this disease to Kalaupapa, a peninsula on the island of Moloka‘i. This book is the untold history of Kalaupapa and its inhabitants. Read more . . .

  • Best Seller!

    Joseph Smith's Seer Stones: After the Church released photos of the brown seer stone that was owned and used by Joseph Smith, the news ignited a firestorm of curiosity and controversy. This book discusses Joseph Smith’s seer stones and explores how he used them throughout his life. See Book Trailer.

  • Provo's Two Temples

    Provo, Utah is the home of two LDS temples, which have very different histories. One temple was built from the ground up and dedicated in 1972. The other is like a phoenix, born again of the ashes of a building destroyed by fire. 

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  • Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Founder of BYU's Religious Studies Center

    Celebrating forty years since he established BYU's Religious Studies Center (RSC), Elder Holland sits down to talk about the past, present, and future of the RSC. CLICK HERE.

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