Book of Abraham and More


Thomas A. Wayment

This issue of theReview magazine focuses primarily on research being conducted relating to early Latter-day Saint history and documents, with highlights on recent research into the Book of Abraham papyri, the Council of Fifty minute books, and current collaborative efforts to encourage and promote conversations with the Restorationist churches. Gerrit Dirkmaat, a faculty member in the Department of Church History and Doctrine, assisted in publishing the records from the Council of Fifty, and in this issue he surveys some of the contents of the three volumes containing the minutes of the council. Early Mormon documents and beginnings continue to draw the attention of our faculty in Religious Education, and with this increase in interest has come a wealth of new insights and perspectives. Some of these new insights and perspectives are highlighted in this issue, and we hope that you will enjoy reading about these exciting and engaging topics.

We also introduce to you in this issue the Book of Mormon academy, which although it was formed several years ago, is starting to show signs of activity in Book of Mormon scholarship being done by the faculty of Religious Education. They have an impressive volume on Abinadi planned for publication in early 2018 (RSC), and they continue to advance the academic study and discussion of the Book of Mormon. The interview published herein provides some important information about how they began, what they hope to achieve, and a brief glimpse at where they plan to go in their studies.

Another item of interest will be the publication, after a decade of research, writing, and presenting, of Fred Wood’s history of the community at Kalaupapa, Hawaii. The book tells a fascinating and engaging story of community faith and struggle. Fred shares some thoughts on the project, and the brief report he provides traces the journey of a scholar who came to see a story through different eyes.

We are grateful to all of our readers and donors who help make Religious Education a vibrant place to work and teach. The RSC exists, in part, to promote and advance the research that is carried out by Religious Education in all of its many faceted endeavors. The Review magazine is one of the ways that we advertise and promote current and ongoing research and publication.

Thomas A. Wayment

Publications Director

Religious Studies Center