Editor's Note

This issue of the Religious Educator is the third we have supervised in our roles as editor-in-chief and associate editor. The feedback we have received about our selections of articles has been overwhelmingly positive. In deciding whether to publish an article, we keep our intended audiences foremost in our minds. Thus, we are initiating two series of articles in this issue. We have not yet published anything quite like these two series, but we think readers will appreciate what we are doing. The first series of articles is authored by Michael D. Taylor, M.D., who has a hobby of collecting unique information of all kinds about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His introductory article in this series, “Historical Data about Presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” contains interesting information that is available from other sources—but not in one location and in the format he provides. “The tip of the iceberg” is an expression we have used to describe this information in relation to the other interesting and relevant information Dr. Taylor plans to share with readers. The second series of articles is authored by Robb Jones, who is the Church Educational System preservice trainer at BYU. We will publish eight articles in this series; each article will deal with relevant teaching suggestions for all teachers of religion, especially CES instructors. The first article is titled “The Focus of Teaching: Principles and Doctrines.” Other articles in the series also contain content about effective teaching associated with principles and doctrines of the restored gospel. In each issue, we plan to include one or more articles that originated as talks or oral presentations. In most instances, we will convert these items to articles. In this issue, two examples of talks that have been converted to articles are those by Elders Neal A. Maxwell and
Gerald N. Lund. Elder Maxwell gave his talk, “These are [Your] Days,” at a BYU stake fireside in 2002. Elder Lund gave his talk, “Personal Revelation and the Process of Conversion,” at the annual Church Educational System Religious Educator Conference in August 2001. We look forward to publishing articles that will be helpful to all readers. We hope that early-morning seminary teachers will find one or more articles that will provide helpful ideas for use in their classes, and we hope that full-time religion professors or instructors will find one or more articles that will enhance discussions of a subject or historical event. We invite readers’ suggestions and comments about articles we should consider for future publication.

Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, Editor-in-Chief