A New Decade Dawns

Editor's Note

We are excited to begin a new year and a new decade for the Religious Educator. Additionally, in 2010 the Religious Studies Center (RSC) celebrates its thirty-fifth anniversary. Established in 1975 by Jeffrey R. Holland, then dean of Religious Education, the RSC promotes research and publication of topics central to the mission of Religious Education at BYU. Ten years after the RSC was founded, President Holland wrote as university president, “With the horizons expanding at an unprecedented rate for the study of what is ancient and what is modern, it is fitting for us to look to the resources, scholarship, and leadership of the [Religious Studies] Center to assist us in our search for ‘all that God has revealed, all that he does now reveal, and [all] that he will yet reveal . . . pertaining to the kingdom of God.’ We build on a grand tradition and hope to add an increasing amount of substantial, published research to the good work already begun.”

In a real sense, we realize that we are competing for your time. With the proliferation of online publishing and the continued expansion of the book and journal trade, no one has enough time to read everything, even in a given field. Certainly this is the case with the restored gospel—countless blogs, articles, and books are posted and released, making it impossible to engage them all. We hope this issue offers many articles well worth your time.

During my research, speaking, and personal travels this past year, I have visited places both near and far. Each place has provided me some insight about myself and about the world around me. Beyond the diversity of the landscape, the people differ widely from those in my own neighborhood. They speak many languages and have different customs, yet they share many of the same dreams. They want to live in a healthy and happy family, and they need shelter and nourishment.

No matter where I travel on this amazing planet, there is something to learn at each destination if I am open to it. Likewise, we hope readers will find value in the diversity of articles in the Religious Educator. Some pieces offer new insight to a familiar topic. Some offer valuable teaching tools. What unites them all is a fresh perspective on the gospel of Jesus Christ, the “good news” we all share.


Richard Neitzel Holzapfel