Appendix 8: Missions And Mission Presidents




Mission President

1955–59Southern Far East Mission H. Grant Heaton席德恩
1959–62  Robert S. Taylor泰來
1962–65  Jay A. Quealey Jr.奎理
1965–68  Keith E. Garner賈納
1968–69  W. Brent Hardy哈迪
1969–71Hong Kong–Taiwan Mission W. Brent Hardy哈迪
1971–74Taiwan Mission Malan R. Jackson翟新倫
1974–77 Taiwan Taipei Mission (1974)Thomas P. Nielson倪爾遜
1977–79  Frederick W. Crook郭志文
1979–82  Douglas H. Powelson鮑華生
1982–85  Paul V. Hyer海爾保羅
1985–88  Chen Yung-Chu (Larry)陳勇助
1988–91  Patrick H. Price江培士
1991–94  Harvey G. Horner賀中正
1994–97  Richard B. Stamps尹因印
1997–2000  Michael G. Harris胡念中
2000–03  Edward James Phipps馮德書
2003–06  Anthony D. Perkins潘望博
2006–09  Norman S. Nielson王孝賢
2009–12  Terence E. Grimley葛忠信
2012–15  David O. Day范孟彥
2015–present  Jace B. Jergensen江耀雲
1976–79Taiwan Kaohsiung Mission P. Boyd Hales何佰里
1979–82  George A. Baker Jr.貝瑞德
1982–83Consolidated with Taiwan Taichung Mission (1982)Edward G. Miner麥德華
1983–83Discontinued, and mission headquarters moved from Kaohsiung to Taichung (1983)Monte L. Carlson孫高山
1998–2001Reopened (1998)Robert D. Murdock馬德凱
2001–03  George A. Young楊志威
2003  Kent D. Watson孫小山
2003–06  Chou Wen-Tsung周文宗
2006–09Discontinued (2009)Hsu Shiu-Foo (William)徐筱夫
1979–80Taiwan Taichung Mission Frederick W. Crook郭志文
1980–82Consolidated with Taiwan Kaohsiung Mission (1982)Edward G. Miner麥德華
1983–86Mission headquarters at Kaohsiung until September 1983, when Taichung became the headquartersMonte L. Carlson孫高山
1986–89  Gary S. Williams衛廉士
1989–92  Kent D. Watson孫小山
1992–95  Timothy P. Stratford夏尊恩
1995–98  Karl R. Koerner倪忠信
1998–2001  Dennis C.H. Kim金惠積
2001–04  J. Kent Larkin藍輝良
2004–07  Scott R. Watterson黃仲傑
2007–10  Michael A. Hoer霍廷昌
2010–13  Clark T. Bishop仲世民
2013–16  Kurt L. Blickenstaff康文甯
2016–present  Michael John U. Teh戴西安

Note: Kent D. Watson served as mission president twice, in Taichung (1989–92) and in Kaohsiung (2003).

Note: Antony D. Perkins and Kent D. Watson were called to serve in the First and Second Quorum of Seventy, respectively. Michael John U. Teh was a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy when he was called as a mission president.

Note: Thomas P. Nielson, Paul V. Hyer, and Harvey G. Horner also served as temple presidents.



Note: Official records for the number of missionaries serving in and called from Taiwan are not available prior to 1980.