Appendix 3: Dedicatory Prayer for the Preaching of the Gospel in Taiwan by Elder Mark E. Petersen of the Quorum of the Twelve on 1 June 1959

Our Father in Heaven: As a few of Thy humble children, we have gathered together in this large city on this island of Taiwan. Our Father, we are grateful for the privilege of being here. We are thankful that conditions here are such that we may come here and that we may bring to the people of this island the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We thank Thee beyond measure, beyond our abilities—we know we cannot appreciate all of these blessings, but we thank Thee with all of our hearts that we have been privileged to be members of Thy Church. We are thankful indeed that we have the call to come as missionaries and to preach the gospel and administer in the ordinances thereof.

Father, Thou knowest that work has been carried on in the Far East now for many years. Thou dost remember that Thy great prophet who is President of the Church passed through the Far East many years ago, and dedicated here these lands for the preaching of the gospel. We remember the journeys made by President McKay and President Cannon in those days. We remember their faith and we remember the way in which they reported the wonderful journey they made. We are grateful for them and we are grateful for the general dedication of the Far East for the preaching of the everlasting gospel. As this dedication was made by President McKay, we do thank Thee for all that; and we do thank Thee that as a result since those days the Gospel has been preached here and that many have received it and have received many of the blessings of the Gospel and have given thanks to Thee for the blessings.

Now, Father, we remember also that Thy great Prophet, President Smith, was here in the Far East and that he also left his blessing dedicating various parts of these lands again unto Thee. It was not his privilege to dedicate this island or rededicate it, so it is for this reason that we have assembled here today, and we acknowledge the general dedication of the entire area by President McKay. Therefore we realize that we are offering a prayer of rededication and particularly to dedicate this particular island unto Thee.

Father, we are grateful for the missionary work that has been accomplished in the last few years here on this particular island. We are thankful for the dedication of the missionaries and for the reception of the saints. We pray that this may continue. We remember, Father, that threats of war are all about us in the world these days, and we recognize that in this particular area there are disturbances and dangers. It is our humble prayer this morning that Thou wilt stay the hand of the Aggressor. We pray that Thou wilt defeat the purpose of evil men that seek to destroy our free agency. We pray Thee, our God, that Thou wilt give us liberties we need in this land. May there be freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and all of the freedoms that are necessary for the carrying on of the gospel. May we have the liberty in assembling together to continue to preach Thy name and teachings as well as other principles of the gospel.

Father, may we have the liberty to go about from house to house. We pray that Thy Spirit may reach mightily upon all the people of this island that they may have respect for the presence of the missionaries and that the missionaries may be emissaries of God. We pray Thee, our Father, that they may rededicate themselves to the work. Let Thy Spirit bear testimony to the hearers of the truth. We pray Thee, our Father, that Thou wilt let Thy Spirit and blessings be here upon the people, upon the missionaries, upon all Thy purposes as they are carried forth on the island.

Now, Father, with all of this in mind, we now dedicate to Thee this island for the blessing of the gospel to this island. We humbly pray that Thou wilt accept this. We pray that Thou wilt dedicate the island. We pray that the members will dedicate themselves to the work, that their friends and neighbors may receive the blessings of the everlasting gospel. We pray that they will invite their friends and relatives to come to our meetings, that they will introduce them to the missionaries so that the missionaries may teach them in cottage meetings.

We pray that the spirit of love, of unity, of brotherhood and sisterhood will prevail. That there may not be bitterness, misunderstanding, jealousy, but instead there may be a spirit of harmony. Help us to remember, Father that therefore disputations may not prevail.

Our Father, as we dedicate this land, this island of Formosa unto Thee, we pledge again to Thee our allegiance and our devotion, and we do this all in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.[1]


[1] As quoted by Thomas Nielson in A Documentary History of the Chinese Mission, 194953, Southern Far East Mission, 195559, comp. H. Grant Heaton and Luana C. Heaton (Salt Lake City: H. Grant and Luana C. Heaton, 1999), 658–59.