An Apostolic Journey

The Beginning of the Church in South America

By Richard E. Turley and Clinton D. Christensen

On Christmas Day 1925, Elder Melvin J. Ballard dedicated South America for the restored gospel in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Twenty-two years passed before another Apostle, Stephen L Richards, and his wife, Irene, visited the continent where the Church now existed in three nations with scattered small branches. Today millions of Latter-day Saints live in South America, but what was the Church like in its early days there? How did it grow as prophesied by Elder Ballard from a small acorn to the mighty tree of the restored gospel? Follow the Apostle’s journey by train, boat, car, and airplane that marked a turning point for Latter-day Saints on that continent. Follow the experiences of Apostle Stephen L Richards and his wife, Irene, in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, that changed the course of the Church in Latin America. In addition, read the first book that shares a history of the Church in Latin America from the nineteenth to the twentieth-first century.