Donald G. Godfrey, "Acknowledgments," in In Their Footsteps: Mormon Pioneers of Faith (Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University; Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2018), xv–xvi.

As always, a book is never the work of an author in isolation. My appreciation goes to my immediate and extended family, friends, and archivists who have supported this work over the years. I extend my love and special appreciation to my wife, Christina Maria, who patiently supports all of my writing.

A special thanks to Fran Matera, professor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. She more than any individual has inspired improvements, reading my manuscripts and providing counsel and direction. I thank LaDawn Dalton, archivist of the Prescott Museum, for helping me with the manuscript and for encouraging me along with the concept of putting green leaves on the family trees. Archivists and historians Wendy Coleman, of the Magrath Museum; LaVern Cottrell, of the North Ogden Historical Museum; and Joan Shaw, of the Courthouse Museum and Archive, all opened doors and understanding of regional and family history. I thank Paul Godfrey for his trips to the Alberta Provincial Archive in my behalf, and Lorin Godfrey with Marilyn Pitcher, who read early drafts of this manuscript.

Thanks to Thomas A. Wayment, Joany O. Pinegar, Brent R. Nordgren, Devan Jensen, Tyler Balli, Leah Emal, Kimball Gardner, Allyson Jones, Lauren Whitby, and [insert designer] of the Religious Studies Center.

Finally, I thank the family of Floyd and Clarice Godfrey. Kenneth F. Godfrey, Arlene J. Payne, Marilyn Pitcher, Lorin Godfrey, Robert Godfrey, and Douglas Godfrey all kept a continuing flow of communication and supply of family documents, photos, and opinions coming my way.