Appendix D: Site Dedicatory Prayer

Richard O. Cowan and Robert G. Larson, The Oakland Temple: Portal to Eternity (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center; Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2014), 231–234.


President David O. McKay

May 26, 1962

O God our Eternal Father, as thou seest, we thy children have assembled here for a special purpose. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for this opportunity. We are grateful that we know of thy existence, that thou art the Father of all mankind, and that thou lovest them even as an earthly father loves his own children.

We are grateful for the privilege we have of assembling here in this country where freedom is cherished, where the individual is free to worship God according to the dictates of his conscience. We implore thee to continue to bless this nation, protect the Constitution of the United States inspired by thee. Frustrate the plans of enemies who would weaken it or destroy it, and may their schemes come to naught who would in any way deprive the citizens of this country or of any other country of the rights vouchsafed by the Constitution of the United States.

We are grateful for the assurance that thou art our Guide, our Protector, our Eternal Father; grateful for thy mercy in permitting the Light of Truth eventually to dispel the darkness that existed in the world.

Accept of the gratitude of our hearts for the restoration of the gospel; that thou and thy Son appeared to the Prophet Joseph Smith in this dispensation. We are grateful that we know that thou, as a Loving Father, desireth the salvation of all thy children, and that through obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel, all thy offspring, living and dead, may obtain salvation.

Bless all those who are presiding in thy Church—The First Presidency, The Quorum of the Twelve, the Patriarch to the Church, the Assistants to the Twelve, the First Council of the Seventy, the Presiding Bishopric, and all the authorities, who preside in missions, stakes, wards, quorums, organizations, etc., that they may sense their responsibilities as true representatives.

We are grateful, Heavenly Father, for the understanding which exists in the hearts of intelligent men and women, that prejudice is being removed, and that the purposes of thy Church are being understood more clearly. Bless the honest in heart everywhere. May they realize the blessings of individual freedom, the privilege of individual initiative.

Prosper the Church in all its righteous endeavors, and may the people in this area be blessed for their willingness and eagerness to participate in building this temple.

Now, Heavenly Father, as thy servant holding the Holy Priesthood and representing the membership in the stakes and missions in this temple district, I dedicate and consecrate this tract of land for the purpose of erecting a temple unto thy name. We dedicate every spot of this tract that it may be considered sacred. Cause, O Father, that no unclean thing may trespass upon this area, and may there be no bitterness in the hearts of those who visit it. If any come to scoff, may they remain to pray, and feel impressed to unite with thy people to build this temple to thy glory.

We invoke thy blessings upon the architects who have drawn the plans and who will continue to draw plans for a building worthy of thy name. We pray thee to bless the contractors, the foremen, and all other workmen; bless them with wisdom, with singleness of purpose. May every one sense that he is building, even as he lays the blocks and the mortar in the wires or the plumbing, or any part of the building, that he is doing it to thy name and to thy glory.

May they realize that they are building for future generations, that hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, will look upon this structure and say that those men built that house to the glory of God. And with that thought in mind, may the builders even exceed their own ability, that the structure may be a credit to this country, as well as to the entire Church. Father, we invoke this blessing upon every laborer, and everyone who has anything to do with the building of the temple on this site.

We invoke thy blessings upon the presidencies of these stakes and the bishoprics of the wards, upon the people that reside therein, that they may feel that this building is a contribution to this entire area, that it will make more popular, more successful all connected with the surroundings, not only in temporal affairs, but in social and in moral and spiritual values.

Accept of this dedication, O Father. Accept of our gratitude. Hear, we beseech thee, our pleadings for thy protecting care over this property. In the erection of the building, may there be no fatal accidents; that care may be manifested by the overseers, contractors, and all connected therewith; that when we meet in the near future to dedicate the edifice unto thee and thy glory, may we look back upon this occasion and upon all intervening activities without regret, but with pride, and with cherished memories of this sacred occasion. This we humbly pray in the name of thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

(“Oakland Temple Ground-breaking,” Improvement Era, August 1962, 564–65).