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    Lake City (see “Christian Daniel Fjeldsted,” Church News, 1 December 1962). Adolf Zacharias Fjelström ... Fjelström, Carl Zacharias Mother: Winberg, Christine Katrina Jansson Spouse: Thomason, Elizabeth Christina ...

    From Legacy of Sacrifice: Missionaries to Scandinavia, 1872–94

    Offenbach Branch


    IGI) Pauline Mathilda Bertha Zacharias  b. Langensalza, Erfurt, Sachsen, 11 Nov 1867; dau. of Christian Heinrich Rudolf Zacharias and Therese Eleonore Klara Wiegand; bp. 27 Jan 1927; conf. 27 Jan 1927; m. ...

    From Under the Gun

    John the Baptist: The Miracle and the Mission


    responsibility. John’s parents, Zacharias and Elisabeth, were of the tribe of Levi and were also descendants of the family of Aaron (see Luke 1:5). Although Zacharias described himself as “an old man” ... and Elisabeth’s apparent barrenness (see Luke 1:7, 13). Zacharias, while fulfilling his Aaronic ...

    From Volume 10 Number 2, 2009 of The Religious Educator

    Understanding and Being Understood

    Zacharias is going to speak to us this evening—the spirit of devotion to the one whose name is above every ...

    Understanding and Being Understood


    Zacharias is going to speak to us this evening—the spirit of devotion to the one whose name is above every ...

    From Volume 13 Number 1, 2012 of The Religious Educator

    "I Will Send You Elijah the Prophet"


    scholars argue exactly that. When the angel Gabriel visited Zacharias to announce the birth of his son, ... than John Baptist.” [11] · 1835: “With good reason, then, does Malachi apply to the son of Zacharias ... Another Protestant theologian, writing in 1834, argued that the angel Gabriel’s declaration to Zacharias ...

    From You Shall Have My Word

    8. The JST and the Synoptic Gospels: Literary Style


    unto John the son of Zacharias in the wilderness. JST Luke 3:2–11   Now in this same year, the word of God came unto John, the son of Zacharias, in the wilderness. ...

    From The Joseph Smith Translation: The Restoration of Plain and Precious Things

    A Viewpoint on the Supposedly Lost Gospel Q


    frequently includes paired examples. For example, the angelic appearances to Zacharias and Mary form ... differences, such as Zacharias’s and Mary’s responses to the angel. Often, we can gain new insights ...

    From Volume 5 Number 3, 2004 of The Religious Educator

    “ Written, That Ye Might Believe”: Literary Features of the Gospels


    the angelic appearances to Zacharias and Mary form a pair (see Luke 1:5–20 and 1:26–38). Although these stories have many similarities, they also have some key differences, such as Zacharias’s and Mary’s ...

    From RE 5, no. 3 (2004) of The Religious Educator

    Jacob in the Presence of God


    The Prophet Joseph Smith applied the concept of “wrestling for a blessing” to Zacharias, whose situation, at least in principle, parallels that of Jacob. Zacharias had no children. He “knew that the promise of God ...

    From Sperry Symposium Classics: The Old Testament