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    10. The Three Most Abominable Sins


    Abominable Sins,” in The Book of Mormon: Alma, the Testimony of the Word , ed. Monte S. Nyman ...   Chapter 10: The Three Most Abominable Sins H. Dean Garrett H. ... him from fully realizing the enormity of his sin and his precarious current spiritual status. Alma ...

    From The Book of Mormon: Alma, the Testimony of the Word

    Never Settle for Sin


    Sarah White, “Never Settle for Sin,” Selections from the Religious Education Student ... Never Settle for Sin Sarah White   The carpet was ugly—it really was. ... in our lives. Often we put up with problems and sins in our lives because we lower our standards ...

    From The BYU Religious Education Student Symposium 2008

    1. Alive in Christ: the Salvation of Little Children


    loves little children perfectly. Original Sin After his vision of the celestial kingdom, the Prophet ... a historian, describes Augustine’s thought on the doctrine of “original sin” thus: The first man, Adam, set the pattern for all future life of men. Adam, he taught, committed sin and thus handed on to all men ...

    From The Book of Mormon: Fourth Nephi Through Moroni, From Zion to Destruction

    An Expanded View of the Israelite Scapegoat


    of a goat as an offering for the sins of the people. Then, emerging from the temple, he placed both his hands upon the head of another goat. He then confessed the sins of the people, symbolically bestowing their sins upon the head of the goat. This goat, known as the scapegoat, was then cast out ...

    From Selections from the 2005 Religious Education Student Symposium

    The Continuous Process of Conversion: An Analysis of the Fourth Article of Faith


    Repentance; third, Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins; fourth, Laying on of hands for the gift ... a perfect life (see 1 Peter 1:19), that He atoned for the sins of the world (see Isaiah 53:4–5), that He ... (Mosiah 16:3). Failure to obey the Savior’s commandments results in sin, thus necessitating repentance. ...

    From Selections from the 2005 Religious Education Student Symposium

    The Atonement of Jesus Christ: 2 Nephi 9

    Selected Article

    of their sins. Those who do not have knowledge for whatever reason (either because of infancy, lack of mental ... 8:5–20). This is a great contrast to the prominent doctrine of original sin held by many Christian denominations. The Atonement automatically covers original sin. One of the paramount doctrines that has persisted ...

    “A Mighty Nation amongst the Gentiles”: The Mission and Destiny of the United States


    destinies. For example, King Nadab of Israel “did evil in the sight of the Lord... and in his sin wherewith he made Israel to sin ” (1 Kings 15:26; emphasis added). A king’s leading or forcing his people to sin is a common pattern found in the biblical kingdoms of Israel and Judah as well as in the ancient ...

    From Selections from the 2003 Religious Education Student Symposium

    Albedrío y libertad


    pecado. 7. Estamos aquí para ser probados, y esto no puede suceder sin oposición en todas las cosas. 8. ... voluntad de él" (Moisés 4:4). Sin el poder de escoger, habríamos sido como robots o como marionetas en ... redimir,      A fin de que la tierra-aún sin forma y vacía- Se llene de vida; "Y que tú oh Gran Miguel ...

    From Selección de artículos

    El Libro De Mormón una Gran Respuesta a la "Gran Interrogante"


    11). Por eso, el noveno artículo de fe es ¡una declaración tan impresionante!   Sin embargo, mi opinión ... preservar la memoria espiritual de siglos pasados.   Sin   memoria   moral,   pronto llega la tragedia ... disponible   más antigua.   Sin embargo, esta reducción no necesariamente conducirá, en algunos, a un aumento ...

    From Selección de artículos

    17. The Sermon on the Mount in the Joseph Smith Translation


    and be baptized in my name ” shall receive the Holy Ghost and a remission of their sins. This resembles ... and all have gone out of the way and are under sin. Go thou and say unto them, Why teach ye men the law ... its meaning and confirms it is a parable alluding to casting off our sins: “ Behold, I give unto you ...

    From The Sermon on the Mount in Latter-day Scripture