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    Egyptian Papyri and the Book of Abraham: A Faithful, Egyptological Point of View


    that more needed to be done. Human Sacrifice in Egypt and the Book of Abraham One issue that intrigued me was based on intimations from some authors that human sacrifice did not exist in ancient Egypt. [5] ... possible instance of human sacrifice in Egyptian history. [7] Neither of us felt that proof of human ...

    From No Weapon Shall Prosper

    The Abrahamic Test


    have faced when he received that command. First, consider the matter of human sacrifice. Abraham, as a young man, had been saved by the Lord from being offered as a sacrifice himself at the hands ... asked to offer a human sacrifice—a hard thing to reconcile. Further, God had made it clear to Abraham ...

    From Sperry Symposium Classics: The Old Testament

    The Law of Moses and the Law of Christ


    is part of the law of Moses. Other scriptures include the law of sacrifice or the burnt offering ... and sacrifices. The priests took the animal and ceremonially slaughtered it. The priest was allowed to receive ... required that it was to be totally consumed. [22] In other words, the sacrifice of the animal had ...

    From Sperry Symposium Classics: The Old Testament

    Eric D. Huntsman

    that He could sacrifice for His people. As the blood of the paschal lamb was put on the doorposts ... at the ninth hour and continuing until the eleventh hour,   so the sacrifices would be completed before ... 23:44–46). In other words, Jesus, the Lamb of God, died as a sacrifice on the cross at the moment ...

    Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the Near East


    this day the Bedouin makes sacrifice on every important occasion.... St. Nilus, in the oldest known eyewitness account of life among the Arabs of the Tih says, ‘they sacrifice on altars of crude stones piled ... of sacrifice may be, it is important to note what kinds of sacrifices the group was offering. S. Kent Brown ...

    From Selections from the 2003 Religious Education Student Symposium

    The Idea of Redemption in Christianity and Islam

    Selected Article

    or doctrines but through the lives and the sacrifices of human individuals. If I may be allowed a small ... the cross becomes a prototype of the biblical or more specifically the Jewish temple altar. That sacrifice was the final sacrifice, all others before it being only a prelude to it. Hence, the Gospel of St. Matthew tells ...

    The Middoni Principle


    of the Lord appeared unto Adam, saying: Why dost thou offer sacrifices unto the Lord? And Adam said unto him: ... of the sacrifice of the Only Begotten of the Father, which is full of grace and truth (Moses 5:6–7). Adam ... though they may seem to call for sacrifice, are always the best and the safest for us to adopt and carry ...

    From RE 1 (2000) of The Religious Educator

    "Commissioned of Jesus Christ": Oliver Cowdery and D&C 13


    and Aaron that would offer an acceptable offering and sacrifice in the house of the Lord (see D&C ... Prophets. Then shall the sons of Levi offer an acceptable sacrifice to the Lord.” [32] Joseph indicated that this would fulfill the prophecy in Malachi 3:3–4 that this sacrifice would be made at the Second Coming ...

    From You Shall Have My Word

    Dawn C. Pheysey

    for Christianity. For centuries it has been a constant reminder to believers of the Savior’s sacrifice. In the  ... 2007, a diversity of images of the Crucifixion prompted reflections on the Savior’s atoning sacrifice ... Himself, a vicarious sacrifice for each of us.   Notes See Gertrud Schiller,  Iconography of Christian Art, ...

    Jesus Christ and the Feast of Tabernacles


    lighting of the lampstands in the Court of the Women; (3) the additional sacrifices and offerings ... as a hope for future deliverance from Roman subjugation. Following the evening sacrifice on the first ... [14] Throughout the Feast of Tabernacles more additional sacrifices were offered than were ...

    From Volume 13 Number 3, 2012 of The Religious Educator