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"In proportion to the exercise of our faith do we receive information"

—Lorenzo Snow

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    Treasures, Witches, and Ancient Inhabitants (D&C 111)


    mystique continues to surround the revelation in Doctrine and Covenants section 111. [1] This is partly due ... traveled in the summer of 1836 to Salem, Massachusetts, where the revelation was received, seeking to find ... or to the location of the house.” [3] Sadly, misusing the events surrounding the revelation received in Salem ...

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    "That They Might Come to Understanding": Revelation as Process


    “That They Might Come to Understanding”: Revelation as Process Steven C. Harper Steven C. Harper ... visits from Moroni. But he also learned that such events were part of the process by which revelation ... to publish his revelation texts, he sought and received a preface for them. In a revelatory event, he ...

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    How to Ask Questions That Invite Revelation


    Alan R. Maynes, "How to Ask Questions That Invite Revelation," in the Religious Educator 5, no. 2 (2004): 85-94. How to Ask Questions That Invite Revelation Alan R. Maynes Alan R. Maynes was ... create a desire to learn in the minds and hearts of their students, revelation can come more readily. ...

    From RE 5, no. 3 (2004) of The Religious Educator

    Exalt Not Yourselves: The Revelations and Thomas B. Marsh, An Object Lesson For Our Day

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    Ronald K. Esplin, “‘Exalt Not Yourselves’: The Revelations and Thomas B. Marsh, An Object Lesson ... Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2004), 275–294. “Exalt Not Yourselves”: The Revelations ... the historical setting for several revelations related to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in 1837 and 1838, ...

    Joseph Smith, Emanuel Swedenborg, and Section 76

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    in Latter-day Revelation,” in The Doctrine and Covenants, Revelations in Context: The 37th Annual Brigham Young ... Smith, Emanuel Swedenborg, and Section 76: Importance of the Bible in Latter-day Revelation J. B. Haws J. ... Swedenborg’s writings and Joseph Smith’s revelation. Instead, it might be more reasonable to suggest that both ...

    A Guide to the Doctrine and Covenants

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    and Covenants and preceding the text of the revelations are three pages of helpful text called the Explanatory ... revelation.” [2] In other words, the content of the 1921 edition briefly told the history of the coming forth ... was authored by General Authorities of the Church who sought the spirit of revelation as they wrote it. Unlike ...

    "Hast Thou Considered My Servant Job?"


    and finally received revelation and renewed prosperity. I personally think of the book as mixing both fact ... punishments and rewards hinged on the obedience or rebellion of the Lord’s covenant people. Modern revelation ... succinctly, the problem Job treats involves relationship; the answer it provides entails revelation. The book ...

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    A Comparison of Book of Mormon, Bible, and Traditional Teachings on the Doctrines of Salvation

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    weakens “true revelation.” He suggests that the beauty of the sermon is in its ambiguity, and that one ... revelation to putting “too much glitter in the Christmas tree.” [3] I was once involved in a formal debate ... that the Book of Mormon peoples had an independent revelation on this matter. In teaching about the Fall, Book ...

    Teaching the Book of Revelation: Five Considerations


    By Richard D. Draper Teaching the Book of Revelation: Five Considerations Richard D. Draper ... they seminary, institute, or Sunday School—it is the Revelation of St. John the Divine. There is little wonder: ... and false teachers abounded (see Revelation 2:14–15; 20–23). Is that the end of the story? If it were ...

    From Volume 14 Number 1, 2013 of The Religious Educator



      Revelation               Receiving personal revelation is a vital and distinctive part of the LDS religious experience. Response to personal revelation is seen as the basis for true faith ... revelations. The purpose of both revelation and the response of faith is to assist the children of men to come ...

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