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Topic: Psalms in the New Testament

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    Recovering the Missing Record of Lehi


    ed. Daniel H. Ludlow (New York: Macmillan, 1992), 195–201. The book of Lehi, translated by Joseph ...

    From From Jerusalem to Zarahemla: Literary and Historical Studies of the Book of Mormon

    From Clay Tablets to Canon: The Story of the Formation of Scripture

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    the New Testament Came to Be: The Thirty-fifth Annual Sidney B. Sperry Symposium, ed. Kent P. Jackson ... a standard text. Additionally, New Testament writers made reference to texts that they apparently considered ... a great deal of emphasis on memorizing and reciting sacred texts. [55] We can turn to the New Testament ...

    Scribes and Ancient Letters: Implications for the Pauline Epistles

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    the New Testament Came to Be: The Thirty-fifth Annual Sidney B. Sperry Symposium, ed. Kent P. Jackson ... —Romans 16:22 Of the twenty-seven books that make up the New Testament, thirteen directly bear the name ... the texts of the New Testament. While Paul’s letters were written in the mid-first century, we do ...

    John the Beloved in Latter-day Scripture

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    University when this was published. In the New Testament, there are two main persons named John. One is John ... Deseret Book, 1989), 1:289 [4] For example, see Adam Clarke, The New Testament of our Lord and Savior ... 1979], 82–83). [9] Keith H. Meservy, “New Testament Items in the Doctrine and Covenants,” in Studies ...

    A Precious and Powerful Witness of Jesus Christ


    that the Savior and other New Testament writers quoted more frequently from the Psalms than from any other book ... of the Old Testament, the Messiah of the New. Under the direction of His Father, He was the creator ... also 3 Nephi 11:14). In the New Testament, John records the words of the Savior, which confirm His ...

    From Sperry Symposium Classics: The Old Testament

    El Profesor Gaye Strathearn-- La Crucifixión de Cristo: La Recuperación De La Cruz

    1968) 7. 203 [i]       J. Schneider, en Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, Gerhard Friedrich, ... New Testament Apocrypha traducido al ingés por R. Mel   Wilson (Louisville: Westminster/John Knox, ... Press, 2004), 14.77-78; Acts of Andrew, en New Testament Apocrypha, 148 de Schneemelcher. [i]       “Los ...

    Reexamining Lot


    the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly” (v. 13). Both Old and New Testament ... and New Testaments (James 2:23; see Genesis 26:5). [60] But could we not also suppose this about Lot’s character? Peter, the chief Apostle of the New Testament Church, testified that Lot was a “righteous man” who ...

    From Volume 14 Number 1, 2013 of The Religious Educator

    The Law of Moses and the Law of Christ


    and the Apostles in the New Testament? [25] The book of Psalms. What was the second most quoted scripture ... as is illustrated later in the scriptural record. All of the standard works, not just the Old and the New Testament ... and eternal. (Alma 34:13–14) What of New Testament times? How understood was the true spirit of the law ...

    From Sperry Symposium Classics: The Old Testament

    What Is a Temple?

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    is taken up with the Davidic Psalms, the old ritual texts of the Temple; from the introit to the acclamation of the final Psalm (Ps. 150), the imagery is that of the Temple; the priests are regularly ... or the New, the idea of the three levels and four directions dominated the whole economy of the temples ...

    El Profeta y Vidente-- 1830 La Nueva Traducción de la Biblia por José Smith


    “Asking Restoration Questions in New Testament Scholarship,” en How the New Testament Came to Be, editado ... University; Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2006), páginas 27-42. [xiv] {C}.- New Testament Manuscript 2, folio ... {C}.-   New Testament Manuscript 2, folio 1, página 25, nota aclaratoria en la línea 37, en Faulring, ...

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