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—Lorenzo Snow

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    Effective Classroom Time Management


    but also honors the time and agency of the students, thus edifying them. The more edified they feel, ...

    From Volume 10 Number 1, 2009 of The Religious Educator

    Roles of Women


      Roles of Women               The present role of women in LDS society is singular to the degree that it reflects the teachings and doctrines of the Church. Among the most fundamental of these is individual agency, or the right to choose. Consistent with this doctrine, a woman’s role varies with her ...

    From A Latter-day Saint Compass

    Teachings about the Family


    will have, the spacing of children, and birth control, Latter-day Saints are instructed to use their agency ...

    From A Latter-day Saint Compass

    The Doctrine and Covenants: A Roundtable Discussion, Part 1


    to preserve agency. Most theologians have thought that if God is all-knowing, then there is no such thing as what Latter-day Saints would call individual agency. Calvinists would reject it. Luther would reject ... that foreknowledge to preserve individual agency, to make sure that his children can act for themselves independently ...

    From RE 10, no. 2 (2009) of The Religious Educator

    To Learn and to Teach More Effectively


    Many of these employ knowledge improperly, severely limiting others in the use of their agency. Yet ... is an exercise in agency that permits the Holy Ghost to communicate a personalized message suited ... of moral agency will allow that Spirit to motivate and give them more powerful guidance during your time ...

    From Volume 9 Number 1, 2008 of The Religious Educator

    Ten Questions to Ask before Serving a Mission


    comes their way. Opposition is necessary for growth in the gospel. It is necessary for agency ... agency. Is God unsuccessful because He cannot save all His children? Of course not. True missionary ... Robbins, “Agency and Anger,” Ensign , May 1998, 81. [21] See Preach My Gospel (Salt ...

    From Selections from the 2007 Religious Education Student Symposium

    Helping Students Act as a Result of Classroom Lessons


    Elder Kim B. Clark said: How do you create an environment where students can exercise agency and act ... a question of “Well, how can I create an environment or experiences where they can exercise their agency ... their agency, it sort of opens them to change in their hearts and in their minds. It’s an amazing thing to watch ...

    From Volume 12 Number 1, 2011 of The Religious Educator

    Special Witnesses of the Name of Christ


    and to exercise their agency righteously. Parents and teachers need to do much more with young people ... to act as agents and properly exercise their agency in order to obtain and retain a strong testimony ... of truth unto the heart (see 2 Nephi 33:1). Ultimately, a learner needs to exercise agency ...

    From Volume 12 Number 2, 2011 of The Religious Educator

    A Contextual Analysis of the 1965 and 2001 Editions of the For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet


    the First Presidency • Agency and Accountability • Gratitude • Education • Family • Friends • Dress ... freely exercise their agency. The 2001 pamphlet reflects that change with an improved instructional ... to others X X Agency and accountability X Gratitude X Education X Family X Tithes and offerings X Go forward ...

    From Selections from the 2004 Religious Education Student Symposium

    Chapter 15: The New Christian Right’s View of the Family and Its Social Science Critics: A Study in Differing Presuppositions


    as blinders preventing social scientists from seeing dimensions of the NCR position that emphasize agency ... and if it also assumes that “agency and intentionality” of family actors is part of the reality of family life, ... of the inner life are neglected, and personal agency and autonomy exercised in the choice to examine one’s own ...

    From The Religion and Family Connection: Social Science Perspectives