Samuel the Lamanite’s Prophecies of Jesus Christ

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Episode 94: Samuel the Lamanite’s Prophecies of Jesus Christ
Frank Judd Jr.
December 2023

As the only named Lamanite called to prophesy unto the Nephites, Samuel serves as a memorable figure in the Book of Mormon. Not only did he risk his life to preach repentance unto the Nephites from the wall of Zarahemla, but he also detailed vital signs of the birth and death of Jesus Christ. In this episode, Dr. Frank Judd Jr. discusses his chapter “Samuel the Lamanite and Prophecies Fulfilled,” from the Book of Mormon Academy volume Samuel the Lamanite—That Ye Might Believe. Professor Judd discusses Samuel’s prophecies of the Savior and a possible connection with the Joseph Smith Translation. These signs were so crucial to our understanding of these events that the resurrected Lord commanded Nephi to include all of them in the record (see 3 Nephi 23:9—13). In studying these words, we “might have glad tidings” (Helaman 13:7) unto our souls much like Samuel intended.    




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