We acknowledge with gratitude the cooperation and generosity of many in enabling the visit of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Sister Patricia Holland to Oxford in November 2018.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been consistently generous in its kindness, flexibility, and significant, continued support of the project.

Thanks are due to Oxford University’s Faculty of Theology and Religion and to Professors Keith Ward, Carol Harrison, and Joel Rasmussen—among many others—for support and participation in this project.

In addition to the speakers who contributed to the panel discussion, we are grateful to the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin and its vicar, the Reverend Dr. William Lamb, for hosting the presentation by Elder Holland and the response by Andrew Teal. Additionally, we are grateful to Paul Kerry for chairing that event.

Thanks also go to Pembroke College Oxford, which hosted the large audience at the presentations; to the Rev. W. N. Monteith Charitable Trust for their donation; and to the porters, events staff, chefs, and hall staff of Pembroke College, who are all thanked sincerely for their hospitality and considerable hard work.

The choir, organist, and choir director of the Damon Wells Chapel are thanked for their welcome and contribution in presenting “Nine Lessons and Carols” as the context for Elder Holland’s “Christmas Comfort” address.

Special thanks are due to Professor Williams of the BYU Wheatley Institution for the artwork and publicity, to Professor Kirkham of BYU London Centre for transport provision, to the Programme for the Foundation of Law and Constitutional Government at the University of Oxford Law Faculty, to BYU International Centre for Law and Religious Studies, and to Professor Scharffs’s support of the panel banquet. The transformation of a series of public events into a book has been possible only by the skillful industry of the BYU Religious Education Faculty Support Center, student employees who created typescripts, and the Religious Studies Center staff who edited, designed, and published the book, among them especially Scott C. Esplin, R. Devan Jensen, Brent R. Nordgren, Emily Cook, Abigail Crimm, and Emily Strong; thanks also to Rachel Teal and Chris Long for their skills and suggestions.

Most significantly, thanks are due to Paul Kerry for his continued support, expertise, and meticulous attention to detail in arranging, checking, and enabling the event and publication. It is acknowledged with profound admiration and respect and sincere thanks for his love, service, and capability, without which neither the “Inspiring Service” events nor this book would have come to fruition.

May this work testify to the generosity and faithfulness of God, contribute to the reconciliation of Christian communities represented herein, and mark a significant step in the development of beautiful friendships and respectful theological explorations.

—Andrew Teal