RSC Funding, the Global Church, and Leadership Changes


Thomas A. Wayment

A highlight and unifying theme of this issue is the RSC’s role in funding research for faculty and students alike. The Office of Religious Outreach, which seeks to promote conversations between Latter-day Saint scholars and those of other faith traditions, is continuing its efforts, this time highlighting a Jewish-Mormon dialogue that has begun to take shape. Their efforts have brought together key scholars and clergy who have discussed shared interests as well as points of conflict. Having attended one of the sessions, I can say the discussions were spirited and robust.

Following the theme of sponsored research, Aaron P. Schade, associate professor in the Department of Ancient Scripture, participated in excavations in Jordan. He was accompanied by students from Brigham Young University, and their efforts there were partially funded by the RSC. The RSC also helped fund student involvement at Huqoq in Israel and annually in Nauvoo. Thanks to generous support, the RSC continues to facilitate new and important research that brings together leading scholars in religion and students who are studying at Brigham Young University.

On the publications front, we look forward to an exciting fall lineup of books that promotes some of the best and most exciting scholarship in the field of religious studies. Over the past few years we have seen a number of country-specific studies, such as the history of the Church in Italy, Taiwan, and Canada. For those who hail from these locations, for those who have served there, and for those who are interested in the globalization of the gospel, we hope you will find these publications as interesting as we do.

In July, a dear friend of the RSC retired from the Department of Ancient Scripture. Kent P. Jackson will be missed, and his influence on the RSC will be felt for many years and in many unseen ways. We have provided a brief snapshot of Kent’s career, his work at the RSC, and a short description of some of his most influential publications.

Finally, we want to share the news that on 1 July Dana M. Pike took the responsibility to serve as the chair of the Department of Ancient Scripture and Daniel K Judd accepted the position of associate dean of Religious Education. With that new position, Dan will also be serving as the associate director of the RSC. We thank Dana for his service and look forward to working with both leaders in their new roles.

Thomas A. Wayment

Publications Director

Religious Studies Center