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"In proportion to the exercise of our faith do we receive information"

—Lorenzo Snow

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    “Millions Shall Know ‘Brother Joseph’ Again”: Witnesses of the Prophet’s Divine Role and Mission


    and seer, Joseph saw and prophesied of the future. But a seer also sees into the past. In fact, he once ... and seer, spoke without having pretense or hiding deeper implications on the same subject. ... Smith, the Man and the Seer (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1979), 36–37. For more testaments of Joseph’s ...

    Del libro Selections from the 2005 Religious Education Student Symposium

    The Prophet-Leader


    Testament prophet are: Man of God, Seer, and Jehovah’s Servant (or my or His [Jehovah’s] servants). Man ... bestowed (at least textually) upon Moses (Deuteronomy 33:1). [21] Seer (Ro’eh). Literally translated, ro’eh means “one who sees.” Traditionally, it is interpreted as seer, “one gifted with second sight ...

    Del libro RE 9, no. 1 (2008) de The Religious Educator

    The Voice of My Servants


    Edited by Scott C. Esplin and Richard Neitzel Holzapfel Seasoned by time and coupled with an endowment of spiritual light, the prophets, seers, and revelators of our time offer messages with special ... from that collection, authored by prophets, seers, and revelators and published by the Religious ...

    ISBN: 978-0-8425-2773-6

    Calls to the Apostolic Ministry


    encouraged and uplifted. We are also richly blessed by the direction of other prophets, seers ... and direct way, we are benefiting today from the inspiration of previous prophets. For example, Presidents ... As the Lord’s seer, President McKay sought the Lord’s will in calling these worthy men to fill these high ...

    Del libro Volume 4 Number 1, 2003 de The Religious Educator

    Joseph Smith: The Prophet, the Man


    Edited by Susan Easton Black Volume 17 in the Monograph Series This book, which contains proceedings of the 1991 dedication of the Joseph Smith Memorial building at Brigham Young University as well as twenty-three papers from the 1992 Joseph Smith Symposium, is a fitting tribute to the mighty prophet and seer ...

    ISBN: 0-8849-4876-5

    Joseph Smith and the Messiah: Prophetically Linked


    and that Joseph Smith is one “like unto Moses” who was “raised up” as a “choice seer” to restore the gospel ... shall see, And from your bondage be set free. He said God would raise up a seer, The hearts of Jacob’s ... should Joseph be. This seer like Moses should obtain, The word of God for man again; A spokesman God ...

    Del libro RE 3, no. 3 (2002) de The Religious Educator

    A Latter-day Saint Reading of Isaiah: The Example of Isaiah 6


    Seer, and Poet (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1982), 135–37. [2] See the New English Bible attempt ... for Latter-day Saints has been pointed out by Victor Ludlow in his book, Isaiah: Prophet, Seer, and Poet. Quoting ...

    Del libro Sperry Symposium Classics: The Old Testament

    The Cultural and Religious Environment of Joseph Smith’s Youth


    and seer stones. [3] Together, these factors formed the seedbed for Joseph’s early visions and eventual ... to be a great benefit to mankind.” [36] The quest for the correct church, a persistent question ... believable. [57] As one example, Joseph would have been aware of seer stone lore at an early age. ...

    Del libro The BYU Religious Education Student Symposium 2010

    The Cultural and Religious Environment of Joseph Smith's Youth


    in folk magic, treasure seeking, and seer stones. [3] Together, these factors formed ... some branch of his family to be a great benefit to mankind.” [36] The quest ... of seer stone lore at an early age. There were many traditions in English and early American folklore ...

    Del libro The BYU Religious Education Student Symposium 2010

    3. Retrospection


    young readers, that it “might prove a great benefit.” Making a call for readers to consider ... prove a great benefit to the young and thoughtless in bringing their minds to reflect upon what ... for pardon, works evincing faith? Have I not early risen, and sent my Seers ...

    Del libro A Woman's View: Helen Mar Whitney's Reminiscences of Early Church History