Appendix E

Items Included in the Cornerstone Box

Virginia Hatch Romney and Richard O. Cowan, The Colonia Juárez Temple: A Prophet’s Inspiration (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2009), 201-5.

Church Books and Magazines

The standard works

Two autographed books by President Hinckley:

Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley

Be Thou an Example

Spanish hymnbook

Ensign, August 1985

New Era, June 1997

Liahona, August 1998

Friend, May 1995

Church News, June 1997

Local newspaper, “Temple Commemorative Issue,” February 26, 1999


Colonia Juárez, by Nelle S. Hatch

Colonia Dublán, by Hannah S. Call

Heartbeats of Colonia Díaz, by Annie R. Johnson

Colonia Pacheco, by Erma C. Whetten

Colonia Chuichupa, by Bertha W. Shupe

The Mormon Colonies in Mexico: Commemorating 100 Years, by Lester B. Whetten

Los Mormones en México, by Agricol Lozano

Centennial Historical Pageant, by Floriene F. Taylor

“The Juárez Stake Centennial Hymn,” by Floriene F. Taylor and Ella F. Bentley

Local History

Four-page local history to date

Four aerial photographs of temple district areas

Seven-page article on colonies from June 14, 1997, Church News

Two-page article about Lorna Call Alder from November 15, 1997, Church News

Six-page article about colonies from May 24, 1998, Salt Lake Tribune

Three-page write-up of JSA centennial visit.

Four photographs taken of President Hinckley in different settings at JSA Centennial

President Hinckley’s fireside talk delivered June 5, 1997


“Front Page News!” listing announcement headlines from magazines and newspapers

Color picture of the temple sent by the Church

Copies of articles from Liahona, Ensign, Church News, and local newspaper

Copy of President Hinckley’s conference talk in Ensign, November 1997

Five-page write-up of events and reactions of local people

Report of 167th & 168th general conferences regarding small temples from November 1997 and May 1998 Ensigns

Site Selection and Land Donors

Three-page write-up

Four photographs of temple site

Two photographs of land donors



Copies of articles from Church News, Ensign, Liahona, local newspaper

Talk and dedicatory prayer by Elder Eran A. Call

Seven photographs

Two-page write-up

Interview with Elder Eran A. Call, February 25, 1999


Two newspaper articles from local newspaper

Twenty-four-page write-up

171 photographs

Placement of Angel Moroni

Two-page write-up

Twelve photographs

Open House

Letter from President Hinckley announcing open house and dedication

Pamphlet made by the Church for open house visitors

Two VIP invitations

Open house invitation for members to give to friends

Twenty-three photographs

Four-page write-up

Cornerstone Ceremony

Two photographs


Dedicatory prayer

Dedication recommend (ticket)

Copy of article from December 19, 1998, Church News

Temple in Operation

Three photographs of temple presidency with their wives

Article from January 30, 1999, Church News announcing new temple president

Local Temple Committee Records

List of local temple committee members

Four photographs of committee members

Temple Views newsletters (three in English and three in Spanish)

Unique Documents (Church Leadership and Statistics)

Latest Church statistics taken from May 1998 Ensign, a picture of Christ, and one of President Hinckley with the statement he gave as he was sustained as Prophet (“The time has come for us to stand a little taller”)

Picture of President Hinckley

Picture of the First Presidency

General Authority chart from Ensign

“Latter-day Prophets” picture chart

“The Family: A Proclamation to the World”

“Temples of the World” from October 24, 1998, Church News

“The Year in Review” from December 26, 1988, Church News

Articles of Faith card

Two photographs of current Area Presidency

Six photographs of the two current stake presidencies, high councils, and stake patriarchs and list of wards and branches, bishops, and total membership in stakes

Two photographs of former and present mission presidents (both from colonies) and a few facts about the Chihuahua Mission at present

(Virginia Romney, History of the Colonia Juárez Chihuahua Temple, 2:296–98)