No Weapon Shall Prosper

New Light on Sensitive Issues

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Winner of the Harvey B. Black and Susan Easton Black Outstanding Publication Award (Gospel Scholarship in Ancient Scripture). From the time young Joseph Smith Jr. walked out of the grove of trees, opposition to what he had seen and experienced has been constant. To suggest that all the existing churches were wrong and that their creeds were an abomination in the sight of God was to stir up a hornet’s nest, to invite criticism and suspicion, and to open the door to persecution.

We ought to be competent disciples, serious students of the gospel who are able to provide a defense of the faith. As contributors, we are fully persuaded that Mormonism is not only true and faithful but also reasonable. We are committed to our faith and way of life because the Spirit of the living God has borne witness to our souls that what began in Palmyra and now reaches to every corner of the globe is true and is God-ordained and God-inspired. This volume does not address every sensitive issue, but it does provide answers to a reasonable cross section of hard questions.

ISBN 978-0-8425-2794-1

Published in 2011