Appendix F: List of Subcontractors

Richard O. Cowan and Robert G. Larson, The Oakland Temple: Portal to Eternity (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center; Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2014), 247–249.



Note the wide variety of specialties represented and the various places where these companies were located. Illegible letters in the original are indicated with ellipsis points.

·      Acoustic tile; Gordon Brown Acoustics; San Bruno, CA

·      Automatic entrances, glass, and glazing; Cobbledick-Kibbe; Oakland, CA

·      Ceramic tile and accessories; Dodge Tile Co.; Oakland, CA

·      Coat & Hat Racks; Fred Turner Co.; San Francisco, CA

·      Electrical and sound; Collins Electric; Stockton, CA

·      Elevators; Bolin Elevator Co.; Stockton, CA

·      Finished hardware; Rio Grande Lumber Co.; Salt Lake City, UT

·      Fire protection; Bay Area Mechanical; Oakland, CA

·      F . . . t slat roll and shutters; Cookston Company; San Francisco, CA

·      Floor covering; The Brookman Company; San Francisco, CA

·      Formed plastic

·      Granite; Raymond Granite; Raymond, CA

·      Greenhouse; Lord & Burnham; Mt. Eden, CA

·      Insulation (thermal)

·      Kitchen units; Dale Sales; San Francisco, CA

·      Lath and plaster; C & R Plastering; Oakland, CA

·      Manhole cover and frame, boiler room equipment, steel beams, pipe columns; C. E. Toland & Son; Oakland, CA

·      Masonry; Harvey, Nelson, Hirschi; Los Gatos, CA

·      Marble work, interior; Dondero Marble; San Francisco, CA

·      Metal doors and frames; Atlas Universal Services; San Francisco, CA

·      . . . an rental; J & B Products; Palo Alto, CA

·      Millwork, organ grille cloth, formica; Granite Mill; Salt Lake City, UT

·      M . . . iron, structural; Niederhauser Ornamental; Salt Lake City, UT

·      Mosaic precast facing in baptistry; tile lace precast units; Otto Buehner & Company; Salt Lake City, UT

·      Overhead door; Crawford Doors; San Francisco, CA

·      Painting, vinyl wall covering; Russell Hinton; San Francisco, CA

·      Paving; Gallagher & Burke; Oakland, CA

·      Plumbing, heating, boiler plant, air conditioning; Scott Company; Oakland, CA

·      Reinforced steel; Bethlehem Steel; San Francisco, CA

·      Roofing and waterproof; Western Roofing Ser.; San Francisco, CA

·      Shelving units

·      Sheet metal; A. P. Peterson; Hayward, CA

·      Skylights; O’Keefes; San Francisco, CA

·      Sound-retarding folding doors; Splendor of Utah; Salt Lake City, UT

·      Styrofoam (insulation); Western Foam; South San Francisco, CA

·      Terrazzo, run in place mosaic; P. Grassi–American Terrazzo; San Francisco, CA

·      Toilet partitions

·      Vault door; Diebold Safe; San Francisco, CA

·      Plastic ornament; Arrow Mfgr. Co.; Oakland, CA

(Delbert F. Wright, “Building the Oakland Temple,” 1979, draft booklet, Oakland Stake Archives, copy of the manuscript in possession of the authors, 30–31.)