9 October 1843 (1) (Monday Morning)

The business pertaining to the Temple was then announced by the President as next in order.[1]

President Joseph Smith presented and read to the Conference, a communication from Col. Frances M. Higbee [2] whose conduct had been called in question, in connection with elder Sidney Rigdon, and expressed himself satisifed that Col. Frances M. Higbee was free, even of reproach or suspicion, in that matter.

Conference adjourned for one hour.

—9 October 1843 (1)


[1] See History of the Church, 6:49-50. Not in Teachings. The original source for the entry in History of the Church is Times and Seasons (15 September 1843). The following remarks were made at the October 1843 General Conference of the Church.

[2] Francis M. Higbee (1820-?) was the son of Elias Higbee.