9 May 1841 (Sunday).

William Clayton Diary[1]

Joseph preached on his side [2] on baptism for the dead (see Record.) [3]

Alexander Neibaur Diary

Fine day. Elder Joseph Smith preached from 9th Romans on the principles of Election.

—9 May 1841


[1] The following report by William Clayton was first published in James B. Allen and Thomas G. Alexander, eds., Manchester Mormons: The Journal of William Clayton 1840 to 1842 (Santa Barbara and Salt Lake City: Peregrine Smith, 1974), p. 212. The Alexander Neibaur account is here published for the first time.

[2] In other words, Nauvoo. At the time, William Clayton was residing in Lee County, Iowa.

[3] The document "Extracts from William Clayton's Private Book," undoubtedly was prepared and given this title by William Clayton. The original is not known to be in existence; however, L. John Nuttall and Joseph F. Smith made copies of a record by this title. The Joseph F. Smith copy is the more inclusive of the two, but neither contains a discourse on baptism for the dead nor one dated 9 May 1841. On the other hand, both contain the 16 May 1841 discourse Clayton copied into his "Record." Thus, the "Record" may have been the "Private Book" from which the "Extracts from William Clayton's Private Book" was prepared. If true, possibly Clayton did not feel his report of the 9 May 1841 discourse was significant enough to include in the "Extracts" document.