9 April 1843 (Sunday Morning). Temple Stand

[1] Joseph remarkd that some might have expectd him to preach but his heart & lungs would not admit. Joshua Grant [2] will occupy the stand a while followed by Amasa Lyman.

—9 April 1843


[1] See History of the Church, 5:346. Not in Teachings. The brief remarks in the text were made at the final day of the April 1843 General Conference of the Church.

[2] Joshua Grant, Jr., a native of Naples, Ontario County, New York, was born 24 July 1818. With his brother, Jedediah M. Grant, Joshua served a three-year mission to North Carolina and Virginia where the pair baptized two hundred converts. A report of Grant's discourse at the April 1843 General Conference of the Church, mentioned in the text, was published in the Times and Seasons 4 (15 June 1843):236-38.