9 April 1841 (Friday Morning). Temple Site.

Times and Seasons 2 (15 April 1841): 388[1]

Pres't. J. Smith made some observations respecting the duty of the several quorums, in sending their members into the vineyard, [2] and also stated, that labor on the Temple would be as acceptable to the Lord as preaching in the world.

Pres't. Smith then stated that it was necessary that some one should be appointed to collect funds for building the Temple….

Pres't J. Smith then stated that he should resign the meeting to the presidency of the Stake, and the president of the High Priest Quorum. [3]

McIntire Minute Book

Joseph said to the presidents of the quorums that they should see that No man go out to preach unless their family, was amply Provided for; and if not provided for stay untill they are, this is Done to put up the Barrs against those that mearly Join the Church & Get ordained & Get their familys struck in her & Go out & Glut themselves while the Church has their familys to Keep.

—9 April 1841


[1] See History of the Church, 4:342. Not in Teachings. The History of the Church entry is based on the Times and Seasons account. The following remarks were made at the April 1841 General Conference of the Church. William P. McIntire's report is here published for the first time.

[2] Though the published minutes of the conference are vague, the McIntire report given below preserves the Prophet's instructions regarding the financial obligations of missionaries.

[3] At this time in the history of the Church (unlike today), the president of the stake and the president of the high priests quorum were not the same person (see D&C 124:133-34).