8 April 1841 (Thursday). Temple Site.

Times and Seasons 2 (15 April 1841): 387-88[1]

At an early hour this morning the different quorums, who had previously been organized, came to the ground and took their seats as follows: the First Presidency, with the presidents of the quorums on the stand; the High Council, on the front of the stand; the High Priesthood on the front to the right of the stand; the Seventies immediately behind the high preisthood; the Elders in the front, to the left; the Lesser Priesthood on the extreme right. [2]

On motion; Resolved: that this session of Congress continue until Sunday evening.

Pres't. J. Smith declared the rule of voting, to be a majority in each quorum, [3] exhorted them to deliberation, faith and prayer, and that they should be strict, and impartial in their examinations. He then told them that the presidents of the different quorums would be presented before them for their acceptance or rejection.…

Pres't. Joseph Smith presented the building Committee of the "House of the Lord," to the several quorums collectively, who were unanimously received. [4]

Pres't. Smith observed, that it was necessary that some one should be appointed to fill the quorum of the twelve, in the room of the late Elder David W. Patten, [5] whereupon, Pres't. Rigdon nominated Elder Lyman Wight to that office, which was unanimously accepted.…

[P.M.] Pres't. Rigdon delivered a discourse to the conference on the subject of "Baptism for the dead" which was set forth in a manner new and interesting, and with an eloquence peculiar to the speaker, which was listened to with intense interest by the assembly.

Gen. Bennett made some very appropriate observations in continuation of the subject.

Pres't Smith likewise followed on the same subject, threw considerable light on the doctrine which had been investigated.

—8 April 1841


[1] See History of the Church, 4:340-41. Not in Teachings. The History of the Church entry is based on the Times and Seasons account. The following remarks were made at the April 1841 General Conference of the Church.

[2] On this occasion the voting to sustain Church leaders was done in order of priesthood groupings. The Priesthood quorums had only recently been reorganized as a result of D&C 124.

[3] Voting was, generaly speaking, unanimous among the Latter-day Saints, although during the Prophet's lifetime a more democratic spirit prevailed. On this occasion a simple majority was all that was required for the passing of proposals.

[4] The Temple Building Committee consisted of Elias Higbee, Alpheus Cutler, and Reynolds Cahoon.

[5] David W. Patten (1799-1838) was baptized in 1832 and ordained an apostle in 1835. He was shot and killed while attempting to rescue three kidnapped Mormons near Far West, Missouri.