7 November 1841 (Sunday). Meeting Ground Near Temple.

Wilford Woodruff Diary [1]

7th Sunday I first called upon Br Joseph with some of the Twelve from thence to B. Young from thence to the meeting ground near the Temple whare I found many hundreds of Saints Elder Wm Clark [2] preached about 2 hours when Br Joseph arose & reproved him as pharisaical & hypocritical & not edifying the people Br Joseph then delivered unto us an Edifying address showing us what temperance faith virtue, charity & truth was he also said if we did not accuse one another God would not accuse us & if we had no accuser we should enter heaven he would take us there as his backload if we would not accuse him he would not accuse us & if we would throw a cloak of charity over his sins he would over ours for Charity coverd a multitude of sins & what many people called sin was not sin & he did many things to break down superstition [3] & he would break it down he spoke of the curse of ham for laughing at Noah while in his wine but doing no harm. [4]

—7 November 1841


[1] See History of the Church, 4:445-46, and Teachings, pp. 93-94. The Wilford Woodruff Diary is the source for the entry in History of the Church and Teachings.

[2] William Ogelby Clark was born 25 June 1817 at Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana. A seventy, Clark served a mission in Iowa and Illinois in 1844.

[3] 1 Peter 4:8.

[4] Genesis 9:18-27.