7 January 1844 (Sunday Afternoon). Cornelius P. Lott's Home

[1] Rode out to my farm & Preached at Bro. Lots. [2] also D Spencer [3] & Reynolds Cahoon preached.

—7 January 1844


[1] See History of the Church, 6:171. Not in Teachings. The original source for the entry in History of the Church is the Joseph Smith Diary.

[2] Cornelius P. Lott (1798-1850). A native of New York City, Lott joined the Church in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, before 1834. In 1842 he moved onto Joseph Smith's farm, four miles east of Nauvoo, to manage it.

[3] Daniel Spencer (1794-1868) was converted to the Church sometime in 1840. He was a member of the Nauvoo City Council, and was appointed in August 1844 to fill the remainder of Joseph Smith's term as mayor of Nauvoo.